The new Gmail with new features is finally here for us


It was previously rumoured that Gmail is expected to receive an overhaul, leading to the addition of several new features. Now, the new Gmail is finally live with new features and new design.

Firstly, in order to enable the new Gmail for web, you are simply required to head to the Settings option and tap the first ‘Try the new Gmail’ option. The new Gmail with a different design gets and enabled and you can switch back to the original one by clicking the ‘Go back to classic Gmail’ option.


With the new design, the new Gmail allows you to view the content attached in a particular mail without the need to open it up. Among the various old categories to the left, there is a new Snoozed one which allows you to snooze off mails you just can’t take care of currently. To the right side, there is the Google Calendar, Keep, and Tasks options present for you access them with ease.


With Added bits of Artificial Intelligence, Gmail has the new Nudge feature which reminds you to reply to any email you haven’t responded to yet. The Smart Reply feature (earlier available on Android and iOS versions of Gmail) has now reached Gmail for web.



Additionally, for Gmail’s mobile versions, Google has introduced new High-priority notification feature which lists the most important mails on the top, with the ability to suggest when to unsubscribe from newsletters or offers.

gmail app


Furthermore, the spam mails now come with bigger and impactful warnings, there is a new Confidential mode which restricts a mail to be forwarded, copied, downloaded or printed, and you can now send disappearing mails (with the life span of the mail set by you).

Last by the not the least, Gmail now has the offline mode which allows you to search, write, respond, delete, or archive without internet.

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