MX TakaTak rolls out Launchpad program to foster the growing UGC creator community on its platform


Popular short video platform MX TakaTak has introduced Launchpad program, with an aim to nurture and train the creators on the app who have made a mark with their engaging videos and consistently continue to entertain the platform’s wide and diverse audiences.

This initiative handpicks UGC creators who are deeply engaged with the platform through regular participation in challenges and other content curation, and aspire to have a digital career. Thus far, 30 unique content creators have been identified and onboarded onto this exciting program.

The program aims at building success for these creators that enjoy an organic following on MX TakaTak. Creators like Srinithi, a young girl whose passion is to be an actor, Shivansh Sharma who is an extremely talented singer and Krishna Sood who is a Chhau dancer are thrilled to be part of this program as this offers them the chance to learn the tricks of the trade from the experts at MX TakaTak to gain more followers and access to exciting features and monetisation opportunities.

MX TakaTak Launchpad Program

Janhavi Parikh, Business Head – MX TakaTak, said, “We’re delighted to see such a phenomenal rise of user generated content on the platform and this initiative is our way of acknowledging the relentless efforts of these aspiring creators who have shown so much potential on the app. With this program, we will be giving UGC creators an all-round learning model aided by expert/ mentor interactions, as well as guidance on creative and growth strategies. The prime goal of this program is to enrich the craft of our native content creators by providing a collaborative learning environment and helping drive faster growth in their digital careers to eventually enter into the mainstream creator ecosystem by leveraging our creative, analytics and platform might.”

Ranging from interactions with experts and mentors that will help them with content creation strategies to connecting creators to a partner manager, the program intends to offer these creators increased visibility along with the opportunity to grow on the app faster. This career acceleration will include monetisation opportunities, a chance to collaborate with other leading creators on the platform, who are some of India’s finest KOLs and it also will equip the participants with insights that will help innovate in their creative journey.

Another avenue of support includes providing the best performing creators with equipment that will keep them motivated in their content creation journey. Aided by evaluations at specific intervals to study the progress of its creators, the program shall function as an effective learning model in this otherwise niche and self-taught field with multiple opportunities for aspiring influencers.

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