Micromax to use KaiOS platform for new feature phones in Sri Lanka and Middle East

Micromax has announced a strategic partnership with KaiOS Technologies, maker of the emerging mobile operating system KaiOS, to create a seamless mobile experience for its users in Sri Lanka and Middle East. The partnership will target millions of Micromax feature phone users and offer a unique native experience with more efficient access to third party apps, all via KaiOS.

KaiOS is already working with Relaince Jio on providing cost effective platform for its JioPhones.

Micromax has been working to provide superior services to its users for more than a decade. The new feature phone, powered by KaiOS, is set to accelerate the next phase of mobile phone adoption by offering a seamless mobile experience to users. Understanding user demand for rich functionality in a feature phone, users will now enjoy the best native third-party apps like instant messages, video calls, and intelligent voice assistants, the company said.

Vikas Jain, Co-Founder Micromax said, “Mobile devices are increasingly becoming our constant companions, and the advanced experience and host of mobile services are driving that trend. KaiOS combines the powerful capabilities of a smartphone with the affordability of a basic handset, and we are extremely proud to announce this partnership that will help us empower users in emerging markets with the best technology. If we look at the statistics, there is still huge gap when it comes to handset adoption in the emerging markets, owed in large part to the lack of good feature phones in the sub $50 category. Since its inception, Micromax has always believed in massifying and democratising technology. And today yet again, we reinforce our commitment by providing our users with best in class mobility experience, at an affordable price point, that will bridge the gap for the consumers.”

Sebastien Codeville, CEO Kai “There are still billions of people in emerging markets without basic internet access. Even in matured markets, large groups of people are missing out on new opportunities because they are unfamiliar with what technology has to offer. We solve these problems by working with partners to offer reliable and affordable products and services. The launch of KaiOS-powered Micromax feature phones across markets will usher in a new era by providing access to internet, apps and more. We also congratulate Micromax for fuelling the growth of Digital India. We expect to connect the next billion users to the internet and more through our partnership with Micromax.”

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