Locobuzz chooses Microsoft Azure for better performance and security

Locobuzz chooses Microsoft Azure for better performance and security

Digital customer experience management platform Locobuzz today announced their web service migration to Microsoft Azure. With this migration, Locobuzz aims to improve scalability, security and overall performance of their CX platform.

Locobuzz currently helps 125+ brands acutely measure and analyse brand insights, customer behaviour, competitor insights and performance analytics across all key digital channels. The migration to Microsoft Azure will help Locobuzz increase processing capacity by 50X of the current 100 million data points per day capacity. The elasticity of the servers ensures that businesses can scale up or down their processing needs without limits. In addition, it will enhance the security for the platform to work against potential threats or data leaks. Locobuzz users will leverage Intelligent firewalls and WAF protect data will help raise early alerts against suspicious activities and instant backup will ensure there is no loss of data under any circumstances.

Nitin Agarwal, CTO & Co-Founder, Locobuzz said, “The primary motivation for this migration is that it gives us the ability to scale up rapidly, reducing the procedural waiting period and making it very easy to adapt to new and changing business requirements. In terms of infrastructure compliance, Microsoft Azure is one of the best audited cloud service providers out there which gives Locobuzz an edge over its competitors. Microsoft Azure analyzes the infra from security hardening point of view and recommends possible fixes which helps in identifying and rectifying them before they can cause any issue. The overall experience will be of increased speed and efficiency. I think that at the scale we are growing, it is very necessary to ensure that our clients experience the vision we have for revolutionising digital customer experience management.”

Sangeeta Bavi, Director, Startup Ecosystem, Microsoft India, said, “Microsoft Azure will help Locobuzz deliver faster and secure solutions to their customers. The Locobuzz solutions provide a variety of performance insights and analytics for brands on digital platforms, and allow customers to take advantage of the flexibility and enterprise-grade reliability that Microsoft Azure provides.”

With this migration, the Locobuzz CX platform will enable businesses to have cloud resources adjusted to their consumption rate, space requirements for data volume and processing. This allows the platform to efficiently manage resources in terms of computing power and operational costs. Businesses will also be able to incorporate various business models aided by highly scalable Kubernetes clusters that make sure there is no single point of failure, hence helping businesses secure their data in the easiest and most efficient way possible.

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