/LG to bring its AI capabilities to MWC 2018

LG to bring its AI capabilities to MWC 2018


Proving the previous rumours right, LG has officially confirmed that it will bring its enhanced AI technology to the MWC 2018 stage, via LG’s V30 flagship.

The new AI tech by LG will include Vision AI and Voice AI. Vision AI will suggest users with the best shooting modes (portrait, food, pet, landscape, city, flower, sunrise, and sunset) on scanning a particular subject. Various aspects of an image such as angle of view, color, reflections, backlighting, and saturation levels will also be considered to suggest the apt setting. LG has also introduced the low-light shooting mode to adjust the brightness levels.

Additionally, Vision AI will allow users to capture an object and get shopping suggestions using smart image recognition, scan QR codes, and can search images.

Voice AI comes with improved features to perform various tasks using voice commands, with the help of Google Assistant. LG has added new voice commands (Panoramic Photo, Food Photo, Time-lapse (Video), Slow-motion Video, Low-light Photo, AI Cam Photo, Image Search, QR Code Scanning, and Shopping Search) for the same, in addition to 23 existing ones.

Furthermore, LG strives to improve its AI capabilities and will provide the features to more LG smartphones, via OTA.

The new AI tech, to be seen in the LG V30 will get launched at an event scheduled for February 26 during MWC 2018.

So, stay tuned for updates.



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