/India’s Pulp Strategy develops a product for US-based InCom Mail

India’s Pulp Strategy develops a product for US-based InCom Mail

InCom Mail

If you are one of those who get emotional while watching those surprise military reunion videos, read on. Pulp Strategy, India’s independent agency in the digital communications and technology space, has acquired the mandate to develop and market a product for InCom Mail that allows users in the USA to send heartfelt messages to their loved ones posted far away on the line of duty.

The product, which is an Android, iOS and Web native, aims to bring back the touch of heartfelt communication into people’s lives with the help of technology and allow users to truly convey their messages in a manner that is extremely personal, creative and filled with warmth. Users can and send personalized postcards, greeting cards, picture letters, high quality photos, books, magazines, and more to your loved ones.

InCom Mail is the recent product developed under Pulp Strategy’s Product development and marketing suite of services dedicated for start-ups. The product was developed by Pulp Strategy post sustained discussion with the client team, who wished to enable families of defense personnel connect with them in the most emphatic manner.

InCom Mail

Jessica Stewart, Co-founder and Director of Marketing, InCom Mail, said, “In the LOL, emoji, TTYL and 160-character tweet generation, the care, love and scope of language as an effective emotional communication tool is getting lost somewhere. Today, instead of laughing out loud, we just type it, or worse, share an emoticon. Our vision is to rekindle the traditional ways of communications with the help of modern technology, in the same old heartfelt and personalized way. We live in a world where our brave soldiers and offshore troops may not have access to simple joys which we take for granted, the graduation of their daughter or the 1st ball game from their sons league, the prom, the 1st birthday or a Mother’s Day card. InCom Mail makes these little joys possible.”

Ambika Sharma, MD, Pulp Strategy, said, “With InCom Mail, families and friends can send anything from personalized greeting cards, letters, high-quality photos, to books and magazines in the way they want. The product aims to facilitate real connections, make it easier for users to pen down what they feel, and convey heartfelt, thoughtful messages. In this age of instantaneousness, people have started feeling the lack of these gestures, which act like those small twigs that keep the bonfire burning late into a wintry night. With InCom Mail, Pulp Strategy wanted to use the very technology that caused this aloofness to bring back the joy of human connections to families and loved ones living far away from each other.”

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