HyLyt highlights unified information management through smart folders


Searching data with HyLyt has just got easier as the app unveiled its technology update through which it can optimize its search options and converge similar information based on multiple conditions on real time basis. The latest addition to its features allows HyLyt to be one of its own kind of app that can conduct searches across different file formats on fourteen different search criterions.

The global unified information management and collaboration platform offers multiple filters on information to create customized views that help towards business information supervision and decision making in real time without time lag and enable users to operate through a single click.

Rajat Singhania, Founder, SocioRac, HyLyt, said, “HyLyt recognized the need of users to pull information based on multiple conditions frequently for faster and better decision making. HyLyt has taken ahead this concept to give users multiple search options as input. We have created 14 such options that the user can toggle with. The app will create a separate Smart (virtual) folder showcasing the information with all the information of the user matching the defined criteria in real time as new data comes in or is created. Not only will the app pull out the relevant data to this smart folder, it will not delete the data from its original folders either.”

“The criteria once specified will work across word, PDF, calendar entries, notepad, JPGs and every file available on the device, just wiping out the risk of losing information on the particular subject. I believe that time is money and efficient information management will help minimize the losses of time and money,” he added.

“HyLyt believes in creating magic around business and availability of information through technology. These 14 search criterions are like the flavours of how one can cook (look at) the data most efficiently and conduct business. As professionals today are juggling with multiple responsibilities, we have just added the spice to aid them efficiently,” said Singhania.

HyLyt aims to generate 2.5 billion man-hours of additional productive time by 2025, by leveraging digital technology and help manage digital data overload that today’s business generates. HyLyt expects around 10,000 active users in a year’s time.

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