hello by Orkut greets India; a new social networking platform with shared passions

hello orkut

The hello app brings people together around their interest to create positive, meaningful, and authentic connections.

Orkut Buyukkoten, the founder of beloved social network Orkut.com and CEO of Hello Network today launched his network in India. The hello app is built specifically for the new mobile generation and brings people together around their interest to create positive, meaningful, authentic connections and sustained social engagement.

hello models the way people pursue their interests and make friends in the real world to overcome the artificial barriers and behaviors created by technology affecting connecting and communicating.

Built around interest-based personas and communities where users express their creations, ideas, and experiences, hello makes it easy to discover friendly people who share the same interests and it facilitates conversation leading to true connections.

The features at hello.com include:

  • Connect with people in your neighborhood and around the world
  • Join communities focused on your top interests and be a part of conversation
  • Explore what you love and discover new friends
  • Share your creations, ideas, experiences and build new connections
  • As your interests change, simply adjust your personas and the app changes with you

The hello app has been available to early adopters in Brazil, with nearly 1 million downloads, and has been available to a beta test audience in India for the past several months, with typical users spending over 320 minutes each month on the app.

Reflecting the popularity of sport, entertainment, devotion, and technology in India, the top personas among the beta users are Bollywood fan, cricket, Cricket, entrepreneur, fashion enthusiast, fitness buff, foddie, music fan. Over 55% on Indian users create content weekly, nearly double the average across other social networks.

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