Google announces Android P’s Developers Preview


It’s 2018 and Google has announced the Developers Preview for the next-generation Android version, dubbed Android P. Even though we lack information regarding what ‘P’ stands for, here is look at the features the new operating system will carry:

Wi-Fi RTT support: The 2018 version of Android will support Wi-Fi RTT (Round-Trip-Time) which is the IEEE 802.11mc Wi-Fi protocol. This will allow users to utilize the indoor positioning of the apps and measure the distance between the device and the nearest Wi-Fi access points.

google map


Support for the Notch: With the top-notch becoming famous with the Android devices, Android P will support the new feature to display content in areas where required.

google emulator devoptions

Notification improvements: The new operating system has made enhancements to notifications such as image display on message notifications, identification of receivers using Avatars and URLs, saving replies as drafts, to know whether or not a chat is a group one, and support for SmartReply. Additionally, improvements in Notification Channels such as blocking channel groups, broadcast intent types, and new DND categories have been added.

p messaging


Multi-camera support: Users can access streams from all the camera sensors present simultaneously and use features such as seamless zoom, bokeh, and stereo vision with a single camera. Additional features include Session parameters, display flash support and OIS timestamps.

Image Decoder: Android P supports the decoding of images and helps creates a Drawable and Bitmap.

Animation: The new operating system supports the creation and display of GIFs and WebP animated images.

Support for HDR VP9 and HEIF formats: Android P supports High Dynamic Range (HDR) VP9 for HDR-based movie streaming and supports HEIF image compression format to save data and storage.

Additionally, Android P comes with support for improved security, neural networks API 1.1, Autofill framework, and various improvements and enhancements.

The new Android P Developers Preview is available to download for the Google Pixel users.

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