Google adds Captions to searched images


In order to make visual search easy and more context-based, Google has now added the captions to the Google Images.

Google, in a blog post said, “People around the world use Google Images to find visual information online. Whether you’re searching for ideas for your next baking project, how to tie shoelaces so they stay put, or tips on the proper form for doing a plank, scanning image results can be much more helpful than scanning text. Today, we’re sharing more about new changes to Google Images to provide even better visual discovery with more context on the image results page.

google image search

The new Captions feature, by giving out some little piece of extra detail will allow users to know more about the displayed picture and give an idea that whether or not the website is relevant to him or her.

To recall, Google recently added the Badges feature to the Google Images to make searches more convenient, and the inclusion of any particular website’s URL to make users aware of the source of the provided image.

The new Captions have begun rolling out Android, iOS and web browsers globally and will eventually reach all the users.

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