FORME Mobiles claims to reach a target 10% market share by FY19 in India

FORME Mobile, smartphone

Launched in 2009 FORME Mobiles experienced 200% y-o-y growth in FY10 and will close FY18 with more than 30% y-o-y growth and is backed by FORME Technology, an international company specializing in the R&D, manufacturing and marketing of digital electronics and mobile communications products. Based in China, FORME operates in India, the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, Europe and other countries and regions.

In 2015, the company formed its own factory in Gurugram and has now more than 200 service centers pan India. The company offers a wide range of easy-to-use internet enabled feature phones and smartphones with 100+ days replacement and 1 year warranty.

“India contributes significantly to FORME’s global sales and FORME internet enabled feature phones are very well embraced by India” said Victor Su, Director, FORME Mobiles India. He further added that “We aim to deepen our relation with India in 2018 as we will double our mobile phone production from March onwards. We witnessed a steep rise in demand for our internet enabled feature phones, especially from Tier 2 and 3 cities, which motivated us to increase our production capacity. We will also offer an extensive portfolio of smartphones in affordable segment in 2018.”

The growing popularity of feature phones

As per IDC report 2018, India market has experienced an increase in shipment of feature phones in 2017 by 17%, which is 3% higher than annual shipment growth rate of smartphones in the same time period. The trend is also similar to other countries like Africa. FORME Mobiles has been able to successfully align with various needs and demands of feature phone users in India. Factors such as unique design, built quality, features and a strong after sales service has led FORME to experience expansion in India so far.

Aligning with India’s demands further

The e-Commerce way! FORME Mobiles plans to strengthen their presence on e-commerce platforms to reach out to existing, potential consumers and expects to sell 30% of their mobile phones through e-commerce in FY19. With growth in e-shopping in tier 2, 3 cities, where FORME has a strong hold, the company expects to fulfill significant amount of orders from tier 2, 3 cities.

Sturdy and styled feature phones for smart India: FORME has been at the forefront to deliver the desired. For instance, basis its market research and demand for durable as well as stylish phones FORME designed and launched FORME N5+ Selfie Phone in June 2017. The brand successfully sold more than 2 lac units within 3 months of the launch of product. Similarly, the brand has various mobile designs in pipeline to be launched during 2018, with special focus on India.

Make in India: FORME’s Gurugram based factory carefully builds each and every mobile unit to be further sold across India. The process also involves domestic value addition to mobiles units. With aim to double its mobile phone sale in India, FORME is also looking to increase its workforce. Currently, FORME factory employees more than 500 workers and has more than 50% women workers associated with the brand.

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