/Firework comes up with open web livestream, shoppable videos for brands

Firework comes up with open web livestream, shoppable videos for brands


Firework is the world’s fastest growing short-video platform for publishers and businesses on the open web. Their open web initiative will now empower businesses and brands to sell their products through shoppable videos and livestream. Firework has launched their livestream and shoppable video capability with India’s first livestream sale on June 30 at 2 PM that will showcase more than 15 brands across various categories offering massive discounts and giveaways.

Firework is ubiquitous with their open web presence, drawing more than 100 million unique viewers each month in India alone and over 300 million globally. Now with their unique livestream and e-commerce capabilities, brands will be able to build their ecommerce ubiquity based on Firework’s open web shoppable videos debut.

With Firework’s livestream and shoppable videos, brands or ecommerce platforms can host a livestream and sell products on their own website.

Sunil Nair, CEO, Firework India, said, “There is a significant shift in the way people across the globe and India shop today. The pandemic influenced irreversible change in consumer habits and online shopping have replaced brick-and-mortar stores. However, for consumers a ‘serendipitous store – like’ shopping experience is what is missing from online shopping. Brands which are able to effectively offer the joy of brick-and-mortar shopping to an online shopping experience, will emerge as the winners in this space.”

Firework Livestream

Firework’s livestream commerce solution will bring a superlative shopping experience to their partner brands and will change the way consumers are buying online now. Firework shoppable video experience will be available for users to try out on June 30.

Some of the largest brands worldwide have recognised the power of livestream sales. Samsung, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger and Aldo, to name a few, have brought in a step change in the way they are engaging with their audiences and selling online. In fact, this market is growing at a CAGR of 28% globally and is expected to be a 247 billion USD market by 2027.

Firework is at the forefront of these innovations and Firework’s ‘in video’ commerce initiative brands can livestream content and influence purchase without really having to intrude into the viewers experience.

Nair further said, “It was essential for us as a business tool to make it easier for the brands to harness the advantages for mobile vertical videos, e-commerce and livestream coupled with the unlimited reach on the open web. Hence, brands can enable these with a simple integration rather than exhausting critical resources in developing this capability.”

“With ecommerce becoming hygiene, competition will only be a click away, delivering a superlative online shopping experience will be the single most important driver in the success of a brand. With Firework’s shoppable video and livestream capability, the brands will be able to add that all important ‘shopping experience secret sauce’ for their users,” he added.

With leading global brands already raking in billions through livestream shopping, this trend will see a lift-off in India as well. With a potent mix of shoppable videos and livestream, brands will not only be able to build that differentiator, but also pandemic-proof their business by driving immersive engagement through Firework’s livestream shopping capabilities.

Firework has an enormous partner network that includes publisher partners like Google, Airtel, Jio, Vi and leading traditional platforms and apps. Firework’s shoppable videos initiative will not be bound by the restrictions of an app or social media but will help brands harness the power of open with unlimited reach and more importantly, first party data to target audiences and drive superior ROI.

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