/Compaq Television’s flagship HEX 65 QLED Smart TV is now powered by Android 9.0

Compaq Television’s flagship HEX 65 QLED Smart TV is now powered by Android 9.0


Compaq TV has announced an operating system update for its flagship model HEX 65, which will now come with Android 9.0. For the very first time in India, a smart TV has come integrated with Mimi audio technology, an award-winning technology which adapts the sound to match an individual’s unique hearing profile. It also focuses on the intensity and delivery mechanism of various components of sound, improving the overall TV experience, no matter how long or how often you watch.

Mimi Sound Personalization is based on a unique bio-algorithm integrated into the smart TV through the Mimi App, which replicates the way the human ear responds to sound. It assesses the hearing profile of the users based on advanced audiology research and accordingly adapts the sound, providing comfortable optimized listening experience.

“Compaq TVs offer the Indian consumers with highly advanced and future-forward technology. We aim to deliver a seamless, home entertainment experience, and cater to every household as we bring our A-Game with the HEX 65 QLED TV, powered by Android 9.0,” said Sandeep Kumar, Group Chairman – Ossify Group.

The attributes of the HEX 65 are configured in a way to satisfy requirements of most customers while surpassing their expectations of important premium features and technology integration.

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