Bose announces new Audio-based Bose AR platform


Audio accessory maker Bose, at the SXSW event, unveiled a new AR platform- Bose AR, which is touted to be the World’s first audio-based Augmented Reality platform.

The new prototype has an integrated acoustics package allowing for clearer and immersive audio output along with the visuals. Additionally, the new Bose AR is apt for travel, education, work, music and everyday tasks with better, easier and productive audio output and can be integrated in headphones, eyewear, helmets and more.

John Gordon, Vice President of the Consumer Electronics Division at Bose said, “Bose AR represents a new kind of augmented reality— one that’s made for anyone and every day. It places audio in your surroundings, not digital images, so you can focus on the amazing world around you— rather than a tiny display. It knows which way you’re facing, and can instantly connect that place and time with endless possibilities for travel, learning, music and more. And it can be added to products and apps we already use and love, removing some of the big obstacles that have kept AR on the sidelines.

The Bose AR glasses come with Bluetooth-enablement along with support for Google Assistant and Siri. The pair can use sensors to track head motions and use GPS from the connected smartphone to track location.

The new Bose AR is available for the approved developers and manufactures. However, it is still not known when the Bose AR will be available for users to buy.

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