/Barco launches updated service program to further empower partners, end-users

Barco launches updated service program to further empower partners, end-users


Barco, a global leader in professional meeting room visualisation and collaboration technology, has announced the launch of an updated service programme for partners and end users, reiterating the company’s commitment to superlative services and bright outcomes. The rebranded service framework and revised offerings ensure a clear, unified and strengthened service strategy that augments the Barco hardware and software portfolio and fosters enhanced business growth.

The recalibrated service framework focuses on three pillars – enable, protect and optimize – and is primed to deliver positive outcomes, from start to conclusion. The Enable offering serves a great Barco experience from the first moment, through risk-free installation and smooth first-time-right deployment. With expert support and fast resolution times, the Protect program, and its EssentialCare support packages for hardware and software, maximize the uptime and extend the lifetime of the Barco products. The third pillar, optimize, ensures access to the Barco remote management platforms, in combination with the Optimize service packages, to guarantee the optimal usage of Barco solutions. The adoption services, customer success services and managed services optimize the efficiency and return-on-investment of Barco solutions.

Offering customers everything from installation support at the set-up, to in-depth deployment trainings, the new framework features on-site assistance, remote device management platforms and other value-added services. The framework focuses on getting the solution first-time right, with easy on-boarding and setup of professional installation services, offering partners and customers ultimate peace-of-mind. The reworked structure is also expected to optimize efficiency and return on interest for all stakeholders.

“At Barco We gauge and understand the minutest needs of our partners and customers, sometimes even before they realize it, and tweak our solutions to meet future demand. In India, we have always followed an ‘In Country For Country’ approach, and this updated service framework is the latest example of our commitment towards splendid outcomes,” said Rajiv Bhalla, Managing Director, Barco India. “With the revamped service structure, we are ensuring enhanced reliability across our solutions, making sure that our partners and customers always enjoy the best results.”

Barco is further simplifying the service offering through a common framework for all of its connected platforms, under the umbrella of the Barco Management Suites. A free version of the Management Suite is already available with Barco’s devices. Now, a premium version can be acquired with a service contract for advanced functionality.

Since 2020, Barco has shifted its focus from just hardware to hardware plus software, services and experiences. The company, which is enabling organizations to adapt to the hybrid new normal, is focused on enabling all parts of the corporate chain, from people to operational excellence, with the aim of strengthening its global presence, technology leadership, and footprint in core markets. Enhancing service frameworks is a critical component of Barco’s long-term strategic objective as it will yield more recurring revenues for the company and allow the brand to invest more in innovations. With the strengthened service offering, Barco is really living up to the brand’s DNA which focuses on enabling the brightest outcomes for both partners and end customers.

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