/Apple’s new patent is a stylus that works on any surface

Apple’s new patent is a stylus that works on any surface


Future Apple Pen could work in air

Adding to Apple’s long list of patents we have a new patent filing which details Apple’s intent to launch a new Apple Pen with enhanced capabilities.

According to the patent filed at World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Apple is likely to produce a new stylus which will be capable of working with any non-electronic surface as well. This translates the working of the Apple Pen on any surface, such as Air which is currently limited to the iPad Pro.


If the patent turns into a product, the Apple Pen will be able to draw 3D images in midair. The doodling happening in the air will appear on a computer or laptop screen simultaneously, using a motion and orientation sensor, a camera or an electromagnetic or sound-based triangulation scheme.

Additionally, the patent was filed back in July 2017 and published last month.

While the patent filing sounds fun and interesting, the probability of its seeing the light of the day is still not known, given the number of patents filed but not produced. Whether or not Apple incorporates the aforementioned features to its Apple Pen, is still not known.

Therefore, stay tuned for further updates.



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