Google celebrates Dr Michiaki Takahashi’s birthday anniversary with a Doodle

Google marked the 94th Birth anniversary of Japanese virologist and chickenpox pioneer Dr Takahashi with a Doodle on Thursday. Born in Osaka, Dr Takahashi was the first virologist to develop the vaccine to combat chickenpox. According to reports during his research Dr Takahashi’s son contracted the virus and this is when he decided to develop a vaccine against the disease.  “The vaccine has since been administered to millions of children around the world as an effective measure to prevent severe cases of the contagious viral disease and its transmission,” Google said. The illustration is beautifully presented by the Tokyo-based artist Tasuro Kiuchi. The Doodle depicts research, a child suffering from the disease, Dr Takahashi giving a jab and roll out of vaccine. Ever Since its invention,  the lifesaving vaccine has been administered to millions of children across the globe. Dr Michiaki Takahashi passed away on 23 December 2013.

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