FiiO announces launch of KA3 Small USB DAC & Amplifier in India

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FiiO announces the launch of the KA3 Small USB DAC & Amplifier in India. The product is priced at MRP 8,990 and is now available for purchase at its official website and leading online & retail stores.

Key features of the KA3 are below:

High-performance flagship DAC

KA3 headphone amps equipped with the powerful and proven ESS ES9038Q2M, supporting 32bit/768kHz and DSD512.

Dual headphone outputs

KA3 mini amplifier comes equipped with 2 headphone outputs, a 3.5mm single-ended and a 4.4mm balanced output, both powerful to easily drive a variety of your headphones.

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Lots of ways and lots of experience

KA3 portable headphone dac compatible with various OSes like Android/iOS/Windows/Mac, you could use it connect with your phone/computer/player.

Practical and beautiful RGB touch

Besides exuding elegance, the RGB light indicator usefully indicates the current sampling rate. Blue light: 48kHz and below sampling rate; yellow light: 48kHz and above sampling rate; green light: DSD

Low noise floor

Clean sound for a great sound, featuring abundant power with high signal-to-noise ratio, low distortion, and almost 0 noise – this is true high-fidelity sound.

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