/Roposo-TV by the People, an app that reflects a true social democracy

Roposo-TV by the People, an app that reflects a true social democracy

Tailor made platform for the Indian millennials amplifies every desi story into a true experience!

What is that? Snapchat? Instagram? No…..It’s Roposo. India’s answer to all the major social platforms out there, Roposo is a unique, India-oriented app that offers a seamless browsing experience, with an unmatched variety of content that stays true to its desi core Indian-ness while bringing superlative global quality content to its audiences. Driven by the tagline- TV by the People, Roposo has already acquired a loyal user base of 7 million and counting, thanks to its multiple features. Let’s explore further-

Roposo tv app

The ‘app’ experience

A zero button interface, Roposo just shoots content at you as soon as you fire up the app. This makes for a highly engaging experience, and users can sit back and enjoy as content just keeps streaming. Each video or image is shown for a certain duration during which a user can react to it through a plethora of unique, funny emoticons. For iPhone users, it also offers a pack of 48 funny and witty stickers to add to your posts to make them all the more hilarious, thanks due to their desi context. Roposo also makes it extremely easy for a user to follow content creators, influencers or pages that they like, as entire clusters of related accounts are displayed at once.

Roposo’s interface has been created in such a manner that allows users to easily discover their preferred content without having to go through a world of information. Every control and option is featured within the screen of the app, and is extremely easy to understand and navigate. No wonder then that the app has received an overwhelming positive response from its target audience, with a 4.5 rating on the App Store, and a rating of 4.2 on the Play Store.

Unity in ‘content’ diversity

Roposo offers 25 curated channels, each offering a specific kind of content to meet the entertainment demands of every kind of user. Some of these include-

Top Notch- Dedicated to leading influencers from various industries, this channel offers users a chance to grasp the latest and most exclusive trends, insights and knowledge from various domain leaders to improve upon their own skills.

Rangoli- A home maker’s guide to DIY hacks and tips in the field of fashion, home décor, kitchen to initiating new businesses etc.

Musafir- Feeding the travel bug in you, Musafir transports you to known and unknown destinations, providing travel enthusiasts with all the necessary knowhow to make their upcoming travel plans pitch perfect.

Other offerings include a dedicated comedy channel Haha TV, Hungry TV- a channel for the foodies, Captured- a vast gallery of candid pictures shot by professional photographers as well as enthusiasts, discussing the art of photography in great detail, and so on. Additionally, Roposo gives an opportunity for its users to voice their concerns on various social issues through the Nation Speaks channel, thus optimally utilizing the societal transformation potential of a social media platform.

Easy accessibility and sharing

One of the most beneficial factors of using Roposo is its truly simple content sharing mechanism. Already equipped with a full screen, hands-free TV like viewing experience that features scrollable content, it has the camera app at the bottom of the screen that can be used to share photos or videos instantly. The expressiveness of the shared content can be heightened by using a vast array of filters, adding music or through the desi catchphrase stickers and emoticons unique to this app. On top of that, the Roposo app is available in eight Indian languages- Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada- thus enhancing its mass reach and popularity manifold. The presence of these factors has been a significant reason for the Roposo app to have already garnered a user base of 7 million and counting, within a year of its inception.

Engagement, a constant

A noticeable feature that distinguishes Roposo from the rest of the social media platforms is its constant effort to keep the users engaged via various contests and interactive events. The #RoposoTalentHunt is a very popular contest that encompasses a variety of disciplines such as singing, dancing, music, acting, fashion, photography, fitness, cooking, comedy and travel among others. Users just have to register on the platform, create a post with the #RoposoTalentHunt and attract votes. What’s more, even if your talent is so unique that it cannot be compartmentalized in any of these categories, Roposo has a catch all bucket known as “Other Talent”!

Roposo is undoubtedly a suited platform for the Indian millennial, bringing no-nonsense, highly expressive, and a constantly filtered stream of entertainment ensuring users get the best out of their data packs without having to sort through hundreds of posts which are of no interest to them. Working on the guiding principle of its tagline ‘TV by the People’, Roposo scores big on its ideal of being a platform where the lines between consumers and creators of content blur, and has already taken giant strides towards its goalof giving big global social media giants a run for their money, the desi way!


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