The Perfect Valentine Gifts for Your Gadget-Lover BAES


It’s the month of love at our doorsteps, and as a yearly affair, LOVE is in the air! Valentine’s Day is approaching, and all the lovebirds, in the name of love have one common tension- what to gift their BAES on the Feast of Valentine. And, if your significant other is a techie by heart, the job to find a perfect gift for Valentine’s is as difficult as it was when you got them to say yes!

However, we got you covered. Not only do we present you a list of smart products the tech-savvy lovers will love seeing on February 14, but a list of devices not on the ordinary road:

Perry Ellis Tech Wallet: A wallet is primary for every man or a woman for safe money keeping. Understanding the importance of what money means to people on this planet, Perry Ellis produced one which is smart. The Perry Ellis Tech wallet has an inbuilt Chipolo Bluetooth tracker which will track your wallet when it gets lost. So if your BOOO is actually a forgetful BOOOO and has a tendency of losing his valuables, this is just the right thing for him.


Explaining a little about the functionality, the wallet, with the help of a Bluetooth tracker and the Chipolo app (for Android and iOS users) can find your wallet. All you need to do is ring your wallet from the app or double press the wallet to ring your phone (even if the phone is on silent) and reach your wallet. Additionally, the app has the information of when and where the wallet was lost.

Price: $75 or Rs 5,964, via Perry Ellis

Kate Spade Activity Tracker: Diamonds are girls’ best friends and for that matter any piece of jewelry is! But here, we have a little tech twist to jewelry; a bracelet which also doubles as an activity tracker. Kate Spade activity tracker, painted in Gold, Silver and Rose Gold, apart from serving the purpose of a great jewelry piece, also tracks your activities such as steps, sleep, and other habits, and set personal goals. Additionally, it notifies you with vibration notifications, controls music, takes selfies and never needs charging.


In order to perform the aforementioned tasks, you simply need to connect the bracelet with your smartphone via Bluetooth and the power of chic tech piece. So if you and your sweetheart, both are fitness freaks, this is just the apt present for the day of love.

Price: Starting $68.94, via Amazon

HP Sprocket: And if your partner has all the love for the once popular Polaroid camera, HP Sprocket is definitely capable of attracting him/her. The bringer of nostalgia is a portable printer which when connected to a smartphone via HP Sprocket app (for both the Android and iOS users) and the insertion of provided sheets, can print out 5 x 7.6 cm of happiness and excitement. The HP Sprocket prints using the Zink technology and is smudge, water, and tear resistant in nature.sprocketWeighing just 0.172 kilograms, the HP Sprocket comes with a built-in battery which is chargeable. The device comes in red, white and black colour variants.

Price: Rs 8,999, via Amazon

Aera Smart 2.0 Diffuser: Spreading the aroma of love, we have a fragrance solution by Aera, but this one’s smart. The Aera Smart Fragrance is smart enough to evenly diffuse fragrances throughout a room (up to 2,000 sq. ft.) using the Hypoallergenic scent technology. The setup can be controlled with an app to increase the life of the fragrance capsules, coming in three variants- Moondance, Indigo, and Poetry.  Additionally, it comes with the new whisper-quiet technology.


Price: $179 or Rs 11,500, via Aera site

Stelle Audio Mini Clutch: Ladies! This one’s something you would love having. Carrying a clutch to a party is a mandate, and when the clutch is also an audio speaker, it gets super compulsory to own one. The Stelle Audio Mini Clutch comes with a built-in speakerphone for hands-free calls, has a mirror, and a pocket for storage of necessities. With support for aux cable, the clutch can be connected to devices with no Bluetooth, and can also eat its food by connecting it to an USB-enabled device.

clutchThe speaker, coming in various colour options, is just the perfect present for girls who need an audio system on-the-go, with multiple capabilities.

Price: $149 or Rs 9,600

Hope this list was helpful if your mantra is Normal is Boring!

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