/Must-Have Entertainments for Ultimate Living Room Experience

Must-Have Entertainments for Ultimate Living Room Experience

Sony, LG, DTH Service

India’s appetite for online streaming services is on the rise. According to PwC, India will soon be one of the top 10 OTT video markets in the next four years. Binge-watching your favourite movies on Tata Sky or streaming shows on internet-based video streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime in the comfort of one’s home has already become a favourite pastime amongst Indian viewers. However, whether it is at home or otherwise, no one wants to compromise on the quality of their overall cinematic experience.

To ensure a memorable experience, the right choice of having a perfect combination of devices, services and content is crucial. So, here is a list of some of the best products that promise to give viewers a superior sound and visual experience, ensuring your living room experience is at par with that of a theater:

SonyPremium Real 5.1 channel Soundbar Home Theatre System HT-S500RF

Your living room experience would be incomplete without this third addition. For viewers looking for a superior sound quality, this Sony soundbar which unfolds the next level of immersive cinematic audio at home is highly recommended. Supported by the breath-taking Dolby audio, the new 5.1 channel surround systems provide a powerful audio experience by delivering a phenomenal 1000W output power with high volume boxes using tweeters.

Viewers can now experience hi-power surround sound without disturbing the TV screen set-up, an element available in both tall boy and Soundbar Home Theatre system. HT-S500RF has HDMI support which makes setting up the systems super easy and simple. One can also stream music through Bluetooth wireless technology and can browse music from a distance with ease, through the Music Centre App without even looking at the monitor. The three-dimensional surround sound feature ensures a memorable experience.

HD DTH Services

If viewers are looking for a comfortable, stress free, one-stop platform that delivers a comprehensive entertainment experience with the quality of a cinema theater at home, then installing an HD set-top box is the simplest way of going about this. Be it Tata Sky HD, Airtel Digital TV or Sun Direct HD, through any of these HD DTH services.

Viewers can open their world to endless options from the world of movies, TVe shows and songs. Moreover, not only do they support Dolby Audio, they also offerDolby Audio across various genres on multiple HD television channels, giving viewers at home the ultimate viewing experience in their living rooms like never before.

LG 32LH604T 32 INCH LED Full HD TV

Created keeping in mind the specific needs and preferences of all TV enthusiasts, this LG television comes packed with best-in class features and specifications. It has been designed to deliver a unique and unmatched TV viewing experience to its viewers.

With a 16:9 screen aspect ratio and full HD display, it meets all the latest standards. Integrating state-of-the-art technologies and great aesthetics, it not only offers rich and surreal picture quality, but also features the Dolby Digital surround sound technology system that boosts the viewing experience, providing a truly surreal all-round entertainment experience.

What’s even better is that this LG television is ‘Smart’ as well, as it comes with in-built applications. So, if you’re looking at streaming your favourite shows, this could be the best pick. Truly uplifting your living room experience is the fact that select content on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YuppTV and all Voot originals are supported by Dolby Audio.

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