/How to heel your water damaged smartphones in Holi

How to heel your water damaged smartphones in Holi


The “Festival of Colours” Holi is about to begin in a day for which people are exploring various ways to celebrate this grand occasion such as what to wear, where to celebrate and what kind of colors to use, and many others. Apart from this, people are now in pensive state about how to protect their smartphones from water while playing Holi because handsets have become the second most important part of people’s lives.

My Mobile offers you the latest tricks to protect your smartphones in the Holi mishap:

Clean out the color/water from your phone

If your smartphone is deeply immersed in colourful water then take a fresh soft cloth to clean your device instead of pressing down on all the buttons. If the cloth is not around you, hold the grip of your phone tightly and then shake the button strongly, which will ultimately remove all the excess water.

Use a Hair Dryer

To prevent further damage, switch off the device and do not touch the display or any other button. Take a hairdryer, low the power mode and then start drying your device in the essentials ports such as speaker, the headphone port, USB port at the bottom, and then apply it in the power and volume buttons. The method can also be fulfilled with a rubber hand air pump.

Waterproof bags

Another best way to protect your handset is using waterproof bags, which are easily available in the market. They are designed accurately to protect mobile phones from water contact, which can also be used while swimming for a long time.

Smartphone condoms

Smartskin or smartphone condom is a double layered thermoplastic polyurethane skin you pull over your smartphone or tablet and seal on the backside. It protects against Water, Dirt, Dust and Snow. Good during every day- and leisure-, as well as indoor- and outdoor-activities.

Raw Rice to soak Moisture

Even after taking necessary precaution if your smartphone is now working properly then do not worry. Take a full bowl of raw rice and place the phone in it, but do not forget to take out the removable parts out. Put it for a night and try change the position of the phone at various intervals, which will then soak the moisture and dry your phone.

Nano coating spray

This is one of the most effective ways to protect your phone from water. The spray acts a waterproof layer over on your phone, which can last upto one year at a stretch.

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