/My Data, My Privacy- Are we doing our own bit for its protection?

My Data, My Privacy- Are we doing our own bit for its protection?

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Being a netizen I am quite sure, you are aware of Facebook data breach by Cambridge Analytica, a few months back. There isn’t any doubt, whatever happened wasn’t good at all, and really makes us ponder, are we safe on internet! Is the data, we are sharing is in safe hands? If you are thinking over this issue, don’t think yourself to be the only one, who is overwhelmed over this issue. Following the incident, a number of companies and celebs removed their presence from the social networks, and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg also apologized for the things that happened. Even Facebook introduced a privacy checkup feature, and numerous other features to make the users know, whether their data were leaked in the scandal, under discussion.


What should be your next step? Should you be the next person to quit Facebook? And even if you do so, will you be completely safe from any upcoming data breach scandals?Thunder hardly attacks the same place more than once. The same is with data, we provide on the internet. Something bad happened with Facebook today. But, tomorrow the same thing might happen behind the face of Google, Twitter, or any other big organizations, which we trust, and is associated with every breathe we take. So, what should be the next step?Remove our presence from the internet, and get that simplicity of solitude- going offline? It is hardly possible nowadays. It is the 21st century at the end of the day.

But yes, we can be safe. We cannot control the way the big names use our data under the hood.Though most things are clear about the way they use our data, from the long and mind-numbing Terms and Conditions, which we agree with without reading, while signing up for a service.People have the habit of sharing almost everything on the internet today. From the time they have their meal to the places they visit. There isn’t any doubt; the big companies should take proper care of our sensitive data. But mistakes happen. So why take the risk? Just don’t share anything about yourself on the internet, leakage of which can leave you in a state of tizzy.

Let me make it a little clear. Will you leave your doors unlocked the next time you go for a trip? Even the stupidest fellow in your neighborhood will not do that. Now, you shouldn’t argue, it is the responsibility of the police and the authority to ensure nobody trespasses your unlocked house. But that doesn’t happen. We lock our sweet homes to keep the possessions as safe as possible. So why not our data! Is our data less important than the $50,000 car in your home, or the $3,000 gaming rig! I think data is more sensitive than that. So why leave traces of some sensitive data on the internet, and scream when there is a data breach. It is not about accusing the companies, but it is all about our security, which we should always pay importance to.

No, I am not saying, we are responsible for the data breach scandal. Facebook should have given better security to our data. But there are things, which we can do to make those companies know little less about us, in the future. There are numerous settings, which are available on Facebook, Google and others, which can be configured. Configuring them properly might stop them collecting a lot of data about us. Yes, that will make the services a little worse. But not too worse to make the services unusable. Actually, the services are configured by default to collect all the possible data about us to give us better services and collect them to be analyzed later.

Thus, there isn’t any doubt, if there is a data breach, it is no doubt the responsibility of the company. After-all, it is the pickpocketer, who will be responsible. Not you, for not keeping your possessions with care. Implementing the same basic principles, we should take care of how we share things online. There isn’t any rocket science in it. Just use the internet in a way, as per your requirements. Do not share anything more or anything less. That’s the only way, we can be safe from any such data leaks or any such incidents in the future.

Nijhum Rudra
Journalism is Nijhum’s passion and he loves to make people aware of different issues through his writing and this is what inspired him to choose this profession. He loves to dig out unknown facts. He is also a post graduate from Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, Bangalore and also an alumnus of Calcutta University.

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