Brands that are simplifying lives with Artificial Intelligence

If we look back a few years, Artificial Intelligence was simply a concept discussed by techies and sci-fi fans. The concept came alive in movies of Star Wars and novels by Isaac Asimov but over the years these ideas and thoughts have evolved drastically giving birth to the Artificial Intelligence technology that uses various applications and tools, some time-tested, others relatively new to solve daily problems. At present, brands are firming up their tech game and innovating constantly to be relevant to their end consumer. AI has become the new weapon of choice for technology brands for driving efficient solutions to everyday problems.

Here is our list of some brands that are taking AI to the next level –

Siri by Apple


Siri the most innovative offering by Apple created a hype when it first launched in 2010. The intelligent personal assistance has come a long way, talking to Siri is easier and more faster way to get things done. It’s always with you — on your iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch — ready to help throughout your day. Siri has become an integral part of Apple’s products having been adapted into newer iPhone models, as well as iPad, iPod Touch, Mac, Apple TV and the upcoming HomePod. And the more you use Siri, the better it knows what you need at any moment. Just say “Hey Siri” before a request, and Siri does it

Samsung Gear VR

samsung VR

VR devices are already on the list of must-have gadgets for serious gamers. First launched at MWC the Samsung Gear VR is aimed at providing users with convenience while interacting with the user interface in VR apps and games with the help of the headset. Need some games to go with it? We suggest Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Fallout 4 VR, Superhot VR and Rez Infinite.

 Google Assistant

google assistant

In today’s day and age, your smartphone has become an extension of your personality. Don’t we all rely on our smartphones for mapping the traffic till our office or checking the weather for planning a trip? Now all you have to do is call out to the smart assistant and receive responses immediately. The convenience of such devices have definitely made our lives easier!

Alexa by Amazon


She is redefining the way we function. She speaks fluent English, checks daily movie schedules, plays your favourite music and even books you a cab. She is Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant. The company was super excited with the technological development and wanted to equip Alexa into everything: cars, homes, phones etc. Amazon states that Alexa is based on natural language understanding (NLU), which essentially means that it understands sentences and contexts, and converts it from text to speech, while using a mix of machine learning and manual intervention. Alexa in India comes with 10,800 skills to be precise while it only started with 13 when first launched in US.

AI Beauty 2.0 by OPPO Mobiles


OPPO has been instrumental in launching smartphones equipped with Artificial Intelligence. With F5 being the first smartphone to have the Beauty A.I feature, recently the brand announced Artificial Intelligence 2.0 that pushes the envelope on selfie photography even further. The new advances include more accurate facial recognition capability, better beautification effects for gender and age and self-learning capabilities based on user preferences. Now the AI helps you in clicking perfect natural looking selfie.

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