/Hero Electronix’s Year End Tech Gifting ideas

Hero Electronix’s Year End Tech Gifting ideas

Qubo Home Security Outdoor Camera

It is that time of the year when year-end shopping becomes one of the key tasks on everyone’s list. You’ve got to match the expectations of others and there’s no denying you would also like to stay relevant & updated in the new normal. In this fast-moving technology space, Hero Electronix brings you a product line up that fulfills all your gifting expectations.


Qubo Smart Indoor Camera:

Qubo Smart Indoor Camera

The Qubo Smart Indoor Camera is more than just a security camera. Qubo comes with the best in class 1080p FHD camera with an ultra-wide lens of 140 degrees, making live monitoring quite easy. It comes with a built-in speaker and mic, thus enabling two-way talk, so that you can hear what’s happening at home and instantly talkback straight from the Qubo app. With its advanced AI capabilities, it can smartly detect and notify whenever a person is detected so that your home is always safe from unwanted intruders and you are notified timely about the same. With its baby cry alert feature, it will instantly notify you whenever it detects your baby crying. Qubo comes with Alexa built-in. Alexa can play music, read out the news, check the weather, etc. Available for Rs. 12,990 now on Amazon


Qubo Home Security Outdoor Camera(HSC):

Qubo Home Security Outdoor Camera

The Qubo Smart Home Security Camera comes equipped with first of its kind AI features making it unique in its peer group globally. AI features like person detection has been specifically developed to help you monitor the things that matter most to you. This feature constantly analyzes the video and only notifies you when it detects a person in its field of view. This an ideal gift this holiday season as more families and households step out for vacations thereby leaving their homes and assets unguarded. The camera is available at an accessible price point of Rs 3,590 on Amazon.


Qubo Baby Cam:

Qubo Baby Cam

For young parents, the Qubo Baby Cam is the most intelligent and stylish AI-powered baby monitor camera in India. Qubo Baby Cam is designed as an extra pair of eyes and ears to work on your behalf and make parenting a joy. It functions as a high-quality video baby monitor and lets parents monitor and interact with the baby from anywhere). In addition, the artificial intelligence features are constantly monitoring the baby and alerting the parents when their attention is required. The Time-lapse video feature is a fun way to capture your child’s daily activities and precious moments that can be shared with the extended family over WhatsApp /email. The baby cam is available at a price of Rs 5,290 on Amazon.


Smart Door/Window Sensor:

Smart Door/Window Sensor

The Qubo Smart Door Sensor has a sleek design, which can be stuck anywhere on any door/window/almirahs etc, and goes well with different types of home interiors. It instantly alerts you if someone tries to enter through that door/window in your absence. You can also create a lot of smart routines with Qubo Smart Indoor Camera like whenever a door is opened in your absence then the indoor camera will initiate a strong siren, thus scaring off the intruders. This device works only with Qubo Smart Indoor Camera. Available for Rs 2,850 now on Amazon.


Smart Gas Sensor:

Smart Gas Sensor

Qubo Smart Gas Sensor detects a gas leak, be it PNG or LPG before it becomes lethal and alerts you through a notification on the Qubo App. It detects both Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) and Piped Natural Gas (PNG) and sends immediate alerts to your smartphone for the same. It also plays an alarm to alert you about the same. This device works only with the Qubo Smart Indoor Camera. Available for Rs 2,850 now on Amazon.


Smart Smoke Sensor:

Smart Smoke Sensor

The Qubo Smart Smoke Sensor detects smoke in real-time. It instantly notifies the user by flashing a light, sounding an alarm, and sending a notification on the Qubo App on your phone. This device works only with Qubo Smart Indoor Camera. Available for Rs 2,850 now on Amazon.


Smart Plug:

Smart Plug

Juggling amid household chores, office work and the cold weather has become a concern for most of us. The Qubo Smart Plug is an easy solution for everyone who wants to manage appliances smartly. The 16 amp smart plug can be remotely controlled using the Qubo App allowing you to control your heavy-duty electrical appliances at any time all at the price of Rs 2,500 on Amazon.


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