EsportsXO announces one-stop destination for gamers, tournament organizers

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Bengaluru-based esports tournament management company EsportsXO has announced the launch of BattleXO, the first-ever fully automated SaaS-based platform that would cater to entities that intend to host tournaments of any scale or size. Unlike other similar platforms, the all-new platform will cater solely to those who indulge in skill-based and action-packed games, such as Free Fire, Call of Duty Mobile, Valorant, Clash Royale, Clash of Clans etc. BattleXO has been designed and developed to meet all the needs of tournament organizers, gamers and game developers.

The launch of BattleXo also marks the coming together of a number of top names from the esporting fraternity from across different parts of the country. Some of the most popular YouTubers, gamers and streamers, including Badge99, Nonstop Gaming, Casual Gaming and Gamerfleet, among others, have been brought onboard by EsportsXO for the purpose. BattleXO will provide all logistical and automation related help to let other tournament organizers host as many tournaments as possible. Going forward, the platform may host its own tournaments as well.

A major highlight of the all the tournaments that would be organized on BattleXo is that each would comprise prize money for the participants. Apart from tournament prize money, the gamers who participate would also get the opportunity to earn through brand collaborations.

EsportsXO co-founders Utsav Umang and Rohit Raj said, “Esporting is still in its nascent stage in India unlike in other parts of the world. The market is too unorganized and we aim to fill this gap at the earliest through our bouquet of products. Automation is a key aspect of all our services and products so that both gamers, as well as tournament organizers, can flourish much ado and getting stuck in technical nuances. We emphasize on being a product-based company, and our USP itself lies in our different offerings, many of which would hit the market soon.”

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