Effy: Here’s a voice community to speak up and express themselves

The Covid-19 pandemic staggered the world last year and caused widespread concern, fear, and stress. But above all, it caused isolation, loneliness, anxiety, and depression among adults. People struggled to express themselves, and there was a dire need for a platform where they felt comfortable enough to speak up and share their stories. Fortunately, Effy emerges as a solution for the people looking to speak up and share their voice with the world.

Effy is a voice community and the easiest way to create and share content with your voice. Anybody can make and share their voice with others in just 30 sec using Effy. Also, users can go live-stream for longer conversations and communicate with others. Most importantly, it gives you the power of voice that helps you share your point of view with others. It emerges as the much-needed place where you can express yourself.

Early 2021 witnessed the rise of Clubhouse, and its popularity was driven by many factors, including the hype created by Tesla CEO Elon Musk. The growing audience on platforms like Clubhouse indicated the arrival of the next big thing. However, advancing technologies reach users earlier than predicted, and short-format audio-social platforms like Effy are all set to take over the long voice conversations.

“We believe in the extraordinary power of voice and the message it conveys. With extra factors, such as visual cues, filtered out, one can listen to others’ voices and their true implication more clearly,” said Seunggi Kim, CEO, Effy.

Effy offers short-form audio content that’s easier to share and less time-consuming. It serves as on-the-go content that most people are seeking after the pandemic. Effy’s short-format audio is more of a short live audio conversation, and users will experience an authentic human discussion, which makes it more enjoyable. Moreover, Effy allows you to hop in and join a conversation and make friends faster than ever.

Effy’s interactive broadcasts make it easy to engage with your stream listeners on chat. Moreover, it allows users to share issues on other platforms and discuss them on the Effy app. Furthermore, it enables you to follow other streamers and share your thoughts on their broadcast by giving them ‘claps,’ which is a gift-like system in the app.

Seunggi Kim and Hyunshik Lee realized that the voice social apps landscape is witnessing a remarkable surge. Still, the market lacks an app that meets the needs of the short-format audio social functions. Moreover, the current social media is dominated by influencers, and the general public, especially introverts, does not have an open platform to share their point of view. Seunggi and Hyunshik founded Effy to fill this gap and provide an open forum for everyone.

The app transcripts all voices into text for easy listening and reading by Effy’s speech-to-text feature. You can also join a group voice chat room or create your own chat room. Effy is the perfect place to share your thoughts and stay connected positively and healthily.

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