/India PC Market A Positive Outlook

India PC Market A Positive Outlook

India Pc Market
Consumer spending is anticipated to rise across innovative form factors like convertibles and ultra slim driving up demand in 2018

PC market is likely to get a boost in 2018 on the back of positive business sentiment and expected rise in consumer spending in addition to upcoming manifesto projects across few states, according to International Data Corporation (IDC), the leading market intelligence body.

The shipments have been increasing. According to IDC’s latest Quarterly Personal Computing Devices Tracker 2018, the India traditional PC shipments for 2018 Q1 stood at 2.35 million units which was a 8.2 percent growth over the same period last year but a 9.9 percent decline quarter on- quarter.

Segment Highlights

The consumer PC market recorded an overall shipment of 1.08 million units in Q1 2018, with 10.9 percent sequential decline and 3.2 percent increase compared to the same period last year. “The general economic and employment scenario continues to remain pessimistic, which has impacted the consumer spending,” says Manish Yadav, Associate Research Manager, Client Devices, IDC India.

The overall traditional commercial PC market stood at 1.26 million units in Q1 2018 with a decline of 9.1 percent quarter on- quarter but saw a growth of 13.0 percent year-on-year compared to Q1 2017 on the back of a few state-owned education projects. “The pro-business policies have boosted India’s attractiveness and the lull period post-GST and demonetization appear to be giving way to a positive overall business sentiment,” adds Yadav.

Top 3 Company Highlights

HP: HP Inc. took an early lead in 2018 and achieved a market share of 28.6 percent in Q1 2018. The company reclaimed its top spot in overall India traditional consumer PC market with a 29.9 percent market share, with 7.5 percent sequential growth and 6.7 percent year-on-year growth driven by strong consumer-focused initiatives, widespread retail presence and continued focus on gaming systems which has injected growth for the vendor in the category.

Dell: Dell slipped to the second spot with a 23.2 percent market share in the overall India traditional PC market in Q1 2018 ; clocking a year-on-year growth of 11.9 percent and sequential decline of 26.1 percent. The commercial business in Q1 2018 contributed 54.8 percent share, which was driven primarily by reenergized GTM approach with channel-enabling initiatives to strengthen channel and partner-led business. The vendor’s efforts to enable digitization and assist in the deployment of new applications in newer areas of the offering has contributed to the growth in verticals like Government and BFSI in Q1 2018

Lenovo: Lenovo took the third spot, recording a market share of 21.7 percent in Q1 2018 in overall India traditional PC market. With increasing focus on social media engagement driven by dedicated service campaigns along with channel support initiatives with better incentives has brought in confidence in the channel partner community. This led to a 16.7 percent growth year-on-year and 16.9 percent growth quarter-on-quarter in Q1 2018 for the overall consumer market. The vendor’s efforts around enterprise focused customer solutions coupled with new generation devices helped in retention of key accounts, which led to a 45.1 percent year on year growth in the commercial segment.

India PC market forecast

Overall sentiment is positive. The consumer spending is anticipated to rise across innovative form factors like convertibles and ultra slim. Consumer segment is also expected to see traction around gaming devices as OEMs will be looking to invest and create excitement around the gaming category.

In the commercial segment, IDC anticipates growth over the next few quarters as the industry will look to deploy new and powerful devices to meet the evolving technology requirements across verticals. With pro-business policies, the emerging industries in the medium and large segment will look to increase their commercial spending, says IDC.

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