/Digital Influence grew to 70% during COVID-19 Phase

Digital Influence grew to 70% during COVID-19 Phase


Digital Influence has increased significantly in urban consumers – up to 70% for mobiles, 55%-60% for apparel, and up to 20-25% for the non-food CPG categories.

Facebook India and Boston Consulting Group have released three new reports that delve into COVID-19 induced changes in the consumer path-to-purchase across mobile phones, apparel, and consumer packaged goods (CPG) categories.

There are three kinds of consumer trends that we are witnessing that have made the smartphone even more central to our lives – reversal of past trends such as bringing the outside in-home through virtual experiences, acceleration of past trends leading to stronger adoption of digital and online, and formation of new habits such as DIY.

Sandeep Bhushan, Director and Head, Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook India, said, “We know that digital influence has significantly increased across the path-to-purchase – up to 70% for some categories. We are now seeing businesses convert this increased digital influence into tangible business outcomes. A significant digital acceleration has happened on the back of social media, and with 400M+ Indians connected on the Facebook family of apps in India, we play a consequential role in the consumer journey.”

90% of consumers who have purchased apparel online during the lockdown show willingness to continue. Within CPG, this figure is 80% for food related sub-categories, and 84% for non-food related sub-categories. For instance, 55% intend to increase online spends for mobile phones in the next six months.

Nimisha Jain, Managing Director & Partner, Boston Consulting Group, said, “Across mobile, apparel and CPG, we are observing changes in how and what consumers buy. We expect the online sales market for mobiles to touch 45% in the next 2 years.”

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