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A burning continent, an impeached president, a global pandemic, countrywide lockdowns, tragic shifts of powers and whatnot, the year 2020 has been anything but regular. Many media companies (primarily operating at small scales) viewed this period as one filled with uncertain losses. However, the publishing houses examined this very turning point in the consumers’ consumption patterns as a vital opportunity to capitalise on.

Updates on the latest health and safety recommendations, keeping up with the political unrest, battling the sides to pick and be on – the world seemed to be in turmoil. The social media and entertainment industries were too in a disruption nevertheless, not necessarily bad. Interestingly, when most of the stadiums and movie theatres were shut, July, August and September 2020 showed a 25% increase in app usage overall. The watch time and viewership of the traditional linear television were also witnessing a significant fall.

Now, someone who understands the importance of mobile advertising – mostly publishers, content creators and brands – these numbers are of enormous value. Recent surveys project statistics on an introduction of over 5 billion unique mobile users, which is noteworthy considering the total population to be around 8 billion. This information highlights the undiscovered capacity of dispatching advertisements that appeal to individuals who invest quite a bit of their time on mobiles.

The year 2020 already predicted much of the trends that surged in the year 2021. An average of 5-9 video streaming apps are installed on a regular user’s smartphone. Short-video platforms like TikTok in the international market excluding ours (since major Chinese apps were banned by the Govt. of India) and Instagram Reels soared and are expected to continue this way for a long time. Advertisers today realise that video is an essential segment of any fruitful marketing effort. Any regular business on the internet publishes around 18 videos every month. That substance is met with great support by users on the internet; their potential consumers– most of the individuals, say they’d prefer to see more video content from brands in 2021. This pattern isn’t easing back down; indeed, we see expansions in the video advertising budget. 95% of video advertisers intend to increase or keep up their spending on record in 2020.

Video can help several advertising and business objectives. A few brands have thought it was hard to quantify the ROI of their video endeavours, which is likewise evolving. The video trends that soared up last year, still are relevant and are most likely to continue being the same are short-form videos like Reels, TikTok, webinars and explainer videos, to name some. Let us now dive into the gains that publishers get when using these video trends effectively:

Increase website traffic

Video is a successful instrument for acquiring new site traffic and keeping visitors on your site longer. Brands frequently advance video clips via online media and other relevant platforms to drive buyers to a site.

Winning new users

Marketing and advertising professionals are utilising videos to stand apart from contenders and convert possibilities. While email campaigns and advanced ads are helpful, video is a compelling, dynamic media that assists brands with recounting a superior story – such a lot of advertisers say videos have helped them expand their sales. On the other side, 4 out of 5 individuals say a brand’s video has persuaded them to buy an item or service. Video can show and advance items in manners text and photographs can’t, making it a critical instrument in the business interaction.

“While email campaigns and advanced ads are helpful, video is a compelling, dynamic media that assists brands with recounting a superior story – such a lot of advertisers say videos have helped them expand their sales. On the other side, 4 out of 5 individuals say a brand’s video has persuaded them to buy an item or service. Video can show and advance items in manners text and photographs can’t”

Educating users and generating awareness

Video is the ideal device to help imminent clients and new clients see how to utilise a product or a service while supporting the worth it adds to their lives. 97% of advertisers say video has helped their clients better comprehend their products; almost every individual has watched an explainer video to get familiar with a product at least once.

These sorts of explainer recordings assist clients with understanding an item or administration and its advantages without passing through dry instructional documentation. It improves the client experience consistently and can likewise enhance maintenance – a client who doesn’t have the foggiest idea of utilising an item will not be a client for long.

How celebrities are using the latest video trends

The impeccable hike in the recent trend and how the definition of being a celebrity is going through a change isn’t hidden anymore. The whole last year and ongoing has curated multiple new ways through which content is consumed, and the same pattern isn’t going to fade anytime soon. When most people were tied to their homes, it was because of the mobile devices that they had a way to escape the ultimate boredom. Many celebrities joined in the trend to maximise their reach with their followers, and many brands invited celebrities to their platform to get them the closest to their admirers. There are numerous apps in collaboration with stars to come and join their admirers in their most intimate phases, like imagine getting yourself a birthday wish by the celebrity you’ve had a crush on, something which couldn’t have been possible a few years earlier.

A mobile experience that delivers richness

Most of us share a TV or a computer, or better put, these devices demand a sense of collective participation to enjoy the experience better. However, a mobile device reaches consumers directly and that too on the device most personal to them. The anticipation of faster networks only hints at the demand for richer mobile experiences. The change in the consumption pattern regarding the content may vary limited to predictability, though choosing how to consume the same has changed for sure. The consistent expansion in time spent on mobile devices suggests that the demand for a better experience, be it any media, has been fulfilled mainly through mobile content.

Marketing teams got to ensure that they are providing consumers with the choice on the way they want to engage with advertisements. The only correct and most efficient way to deliver advertisements on mobile devices is through methods that do not hinder a user’s content consuming experience. These determinants also make publishers and content creators aware of their content and demand them to focus on curating content that enhances user experiences. But there is still a lot for the publishers to learn before benefiting from this recent trend. Rather than tie mobile video ads straightforwardly to a transaction, advertisements should be incorporated into a bigger picture surrounding awareness around the brand’s values and integrity.

As long as marketing gurus perceive mobile video ads as comparatively lower value, the case for them is not improving any time soon, as they will keep on making ads with no investment of thought or empathy that blatantly focus on creating ads a sale. Mobile video ads need to be created in a fashion which cater to the concerns and the tastes of their targeted consumers.

The author, Raminder Singh, is CEO, Celebfie, a celebrity-fan engagement platform.

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