BD Soft introduces affordable, secure email Service “Supermails” for Indian Markets

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BD Software Distribution one of the largest distributor of IT solutions introduces Super Mails for businesses –  that comes with three levels of security protection along with a premium tier offering more storage and bigger message sizes.

Powered by Yukthi Systems, the Supermails services reinvents a mailing solution, that focuses on privacy and security while also running on green energy.

When it comes to email, SMBs suffer due to a dearth of choice in the market. On the one hand are the big players, with their enterprise level offerings with matching prices, and at the low end are the website hosting providers – not email specialists at all.

In this scenario, BD Software Distribution, one of the largest distributor of IT solutions, introduces Super Mails for businesses – that comes with multiple levels of security protection, a good set of necessary features, and most importantly full support. Powered by Yukthi Systems, the Supermails service reinvents mailing solution, that focuses on affordability and security.

Engineered with a robust architecture, with assurance of email delivery to recipient inboxes rather than spam folders, strong incoming spam and virus filtering providing comfort of high-security, users are also assured of high speed access to emails from the device & clients of their choice. Customers can also setup policies to decide who and send mails where, what size thereby reducing data leakages.

Moreover, Supermails also offers additional file storage and sharing service with a user-friendly browser interface. Equipped with access controls, the email service allows sharing of links and folders with limited accessibility and expiry time. Businesses can now manage the space on the drive by allocating storage on a need basis too. The storage space can be accessed through the mobile app for on the move file access. There is also a Chat (Instant Messaging) service to better facilitate intra team communication, very important in the present WFH situation.

Supermails email service comes with Email Archival, at no extra cost. Optionally, this can also be setup in the customer’s office, giving them the comfort of having all their data available with them, searchable.

The main business innovation is in the basis of the pricing – from the typical fixed mailbox size, user based pricing, we have moved to aggregate space based pricing. Take a chunk of space, divide it as you like amongst your users – no limit on the number of users! This makes the service very affordable for Covid hit businesses, looking to cut costs.

Zakir Hussain, Director, BD Software India said, “Business email continues to be the lifeline of business communication. For SMBs, affordability, security and support are the key. We have come up with a product which fits the requirements exactly, with the right set of features, and doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket.”

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