/VMate: A trending short video platform to earn money and fame

VMate: A trending short video platform to earn money and fame


Launched in 2017, VMate has emerged as one of the fastest growing short video platforms. The platform offers in-built easy-to-use video editing tools, amazing VR stickers and interesting duet function to create unforgettable moments and interact with people in VMate community. VMate is said to have a special focus on India, and is available in multiple regional languages apart from Hindi and English. In India, VMate is being embraced by users and content creators in cities, small towns and also in villages. As witnessed, the platform is fondly used by millions of Indians to celebrate various festivals or important events such as Holi, Republic Day, Dussehra, etc and has evolved to be a celebratory digital destination across India. VMate is trending among youth for innovative festive contests, and over here, we will explore the features on the app.

Downloading the app

The app can be easily located on the Android platform, India’s most significant mobile OS and can be downloaded for free. The 29 MB file is easy on phone’s storage space as compared to other shortvideo apps available. The app has more than 100 million downloads so far.

Getting started

On opening the app, you directly enter into the world of entertainment as you are welcomed with trending videos on your screen. Simply tap on the video of choice to start enjoying or scroll down to explore more videos. The interface is pretty smooth as you go through various pages on the app. While you can enjoy viewing videos, but to comment on or like a video, you will have to create an account or link the app with Facebook to login with FB credentials. The login process, too, is very simple, with only 2-3 steps to follow.

Turning the table around with video features

The fun part on VMate is not limited to viewing funny and creative videos, but you can quickly become a content creator by making your videos and raise the fun quotient. In fact, VMate is the first platform to have introduced innovative VR stickers designed especially for the Indian market, that allow users to transition to newer virtual environment instantly.

The process of making videos on VMate is a pretty simple. With a single tap on the large red ‘Record’ icon, resting at the bottom of the screen, you will be presented with options to include stickers, filters and background music and other trendy AR filters that make your videos more dynamic. To add these fun elements, one only has to go through the extensive lists under each category and simply tap on the desired sticker or filter to be included in the video. You can review the video and then press upload to share it with your network. As a community member, you can also send and receive virtual gifts from other VMate users, which you can translate into currency. The virtual gift sharing part is very interesting, as the users can receive pleasant surprises and who doesn’t like surprises? By joining VMate, you welcome infotainment into your life, and the platform has the edge over others as you can earn both money and fame on VMate.


Overall, the experience of exploring infotaining content as well as creating videos on VMate is very smooth and simple, a perfect platform for anyone and everyone to start making magical videos. We also found that the app is backed with robust recommendation tools. Post using the app for sometime, a user is organically presented with the videos as per his/her preferences on the screen. This makes a user’s experience more intriguing.

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