Top six apps to savour ‘National Selfie Day’

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Smartphones, social media, and internet have played a huge role in transforming the lives of millenials. They have invented the most sophisticated form of communication, which was not available a decade ago. Apart from communication, smartphones have also infused the modern art of self-expression in form of introducing selfie camera and selfie apps. Selfies have turned to be the most important aspect of people’s lives, especially among the young females.

The popularity of selfies evolved when people commenced clicking their own pictures to post on MySpace between 2003 and 2005. In 2004, a drunken Australian first coined the term ‘Selfie’ on flickr. After its popularity escalated, Oxford Dictionary in 2013 finally added the term ‘selfie’. DJ Rick McNeely is the first person who celebrated National Selfie Day on June 21, 2014.

MyMobile’s exclusive selection of apps will help you get rid of the troubles of enjoying “National Selfie Day.”

Candy Camera

Candy-CameraIt is a photo app that allows you to add a touch of style to your photos, as it provides you with a huge range of filter, frame, and sticker options.

The most interesting thing about Candy Camera is that you can see, in real time, how some of the different filters that it provides will look without having to take the photo. You just have to slide your finger along the screen to flip through the different available filters.

Once you’ve taken the photo, of course, you’ll have even more possibilities available to you. You’ll find all kinds of stickers to decorate the photos, as well as different frames and post-processing filters.

YouCam PerfectYouCamWith this app, users can edit photos, beautify selfies, and add frames & collages with a full editing tool kit.

The additional features include:

  • Real-Time Skin Beautifying Effects in Beauty Camera & Video Selfies
  • Edit Photos with Full Editing Toolkit
  • Stylize & Share Pics with Friends!
  • Achieve a Flawless & Luminous Face in Every Picture
  • Cutout & Object Remover Makes It All About You

FrontbackFrontbackFrontback photos are always full screen and let you capture multiple sides of the same story at once. Combine your front and back cameras, show more details in the second picture, make before/after shots, or make cool artistic posts. If you prefer, you can of course also take a single picture instead.

Enjoy browsing through posts all around the world showing personal moments, concerts, sports events, breaking news, or just lovely places. Use Frontback to explore what is happening around you or on the other side of the globe!

Create Frontbacks for yourself without creating an account! Only once you use any of the social features of Frontback will you be required to login. You can create your own groups among family, colleagues and friends and post Frontbacks in a more private setting. You can decide if you let others post along with you in the same group.

Selfie EditorSelfie-EditorIt is the portrait enhancement app that offers you the ability to brighten tired eyes, adjust skin tone, remove blemishes, smooth wrinkles and slim your face in just a few touches, from the convenience of your iPhone.

The additional features include:

  • Smooth and rejuvenate your skin,
  • Remove temporary imperfections like pimples and blemishes,
  • Brighten dark circles under your eyes,
  • Face lift by using our face makeup editor tools.

To use this app, users will have to pay a subscription price of $99.99/year, which is also auto-renewing.


  • More than 20 makeup and beauty tools so you can customize your personal style – shadows, liners, lipsticks, and more!
  • More than 200 pre-set Hotstyles – one-tap looks!
  • Unlimited custom color options with the Pro Color Palette – design your own look with unique color combos.
  • Video tutorials from your favorite YouTube artists, so you can recreate the virtual looks IRL!
  • Beauty and fashion product recommendations
  • Daily makeup and fashion tips
  • Subtle touchup features for a no-makeup glow
  • Most accurate makeup placement possible with cutting-edge face detection!
  • Save and share your looks via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


Developed by tap tap tap, Camera+ is an app that serves as an alternative to traditional iOS camera app primarily adding basic and advanced editing tools (including special effects and lighting filters), an image stabilizer, and integrated sharing with Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter. It has up to 6× zoom with advanced digital processing provides you with quality that simply blows away the competition.

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