/Swamp Attack: Time to protect your house

Swamp Attack: Time to protect your house

Swamp Attack

We all have heard how creepy a swamp can be. Swamp is one place where you will find all types of crawling creatures, which are always looking to kill each other. But what happens when your house is located in this area? What will you do to manage all these creepy creatures that will keep peeping in your house? Well, you take a sip of beer, sit on a rocking chair and just shoot-‘em-up. No we are talking about some plot of a new upcoming movie, but a game that has created quite some name when it comes to shooting. Dubbed as Swamp Attack, the game is all about shooting, but no humans, but those zombie-like animals, and in some case those extraterrestrial UFO, which might have caused those reptiles to become zombies. You play as a grumpy man who has not taken shower for a month we guess. And sitting on a rocking chair you have to protect your house from the reptile menace. You have with yourself a shotgun and you have to shoot the zombie wildlife which comes in great variety. You have to deal with alligators, huge turtles, raccoons, armed rats, giant venom-spitting mosquitoes, UFOs and big ugly slobbery bosses with lipstick-painted lips. Although, they came in different waves and approach at a steady pace, your character needs time to shoot and reload his shotgun, so might shoot with cautions. The more creatures you like, the more rewards you get and the more coins you collect. Coins can be used to buy and upgrade weapons, bombs like dynamite, Molotov cocktail and other boosters. The gameplay is really simple and yet it is very addictive. The graphics are amazing and creepy at the same time. Overall, if you want to hunt some reptiles or kill the UFO, then Swamp Attack is the game you should play.

Available from: iTunes App Store, Google Play Store

Price: Free

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