/Rooter: One Stop for Sports Fanatics

Rooter: One Stop for Sports Fanatics

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As Indians, our slight (or more) inclination towards sports is a must. Among various apps which open doors to the world of sports for us, we have an app, dubbed Rooter which has a different and new take on sports, making things quite engaging for us. I got the opportunity to use the app and see for myself what new it offers and this is my take on it:

About the App

Driving into the basics, the Rooter app is a platform which allows users to catch matches (of eight sports such as Cricket, Football, Tennis, Hockey, Basketball, Badminton, Formula 1, and Kabaddi) live. Apart from this, the users can get live updates about various matches taking place, know the predictions for the matches, interact with other Rooter users for an actual game feel, and view updates about the matches on social media.

Additionally, the app recently has got the Live Fantasy Cricket game feature which provides users with the opportunity to choose four players during a live cricket match and go in for a real-time competition, basis the players’ performance during the match.

User Interface

The Rooter app is primarily divided into three sections; the first one is the Matches section which lists down all the matches taking place (recommended by Rooter, Cricket or Football) which allows you to have a good look at them, and a menu to select the desired sports you wish to follow. The second section is the My Feed one which has various enlisted tweets by other users, and the third section is a newly introduced one which is the Contests section which provides users with the opportunity to compete in various contests.

Above all the three sections, right at the top (from left to right) lies a Menu option, a Profile option of the user, the user’s Coin and Diamond collection, and the Notification bell for all the notifications.

Overall, the UI of the app is a well arranged one, however, there is too much going on the app which tends to create a lot of confusion.

My Take

The app, for all the sports fanatics is a catchy one which engages you in various ways. From watching the live matches, to discussing about the matches with like minded people, to staying updated with social media about the matches, the app has it all. During my review period, my video streaming experience has been good, along with the score updates and predictions. However, I wasn’t able to utilize the provided Diamonds and Coins as each time I went to verify for it (you are required to verify before its use) an error occurred.

In totality, the app is quite a saviour for people who often miss out on matches, for the ones who need an engaging environment during matches, and for the ones who have a competitive spirit in them.


The Rooter app is up for grabs for free via the Google Play Store for the Android users and the App Store for the iOS users.

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