/PUBG MOBILE LITE gets massive content update on its first anniversary

PUBG MOBILE LITE gets massive content update on its first anniversary

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The PUBG MOBILE has rolled out content update to its Lite version of game especially designed for smartphones with lesser RAM. An ancient city on PUBG MOBILE LITE’s hit jungle map, Varenga, is also live starting today.

Players can experience classic battle royale gameplay in the newly-excavated urban ruins, as well as in a fresh Arena map. The latest update also delivers the first anniversary celebration content and additional gameplay-altering features, available for free on Google Play in select regions around the globe.

After several weeks of mysterious clues and Easter Eggs being discovered throughout Varenga, today’s update fully revitalizes the Northwest side of the map with uncovered ruins.

Similarly, new construction works to the tunnels on the Southern mountain range yield a cryptic and explorable hall, deep within the mountains. Players can also board new slow-moving cable cars throughout the map to travel in style and get a bird’s eye view of the battlefield.

Today’s PUBG MOBILE LITE 0.18.0 content update also adds two new weapons, including the Arena-exclusive P90 sub-machine gun, and the MP5K sub-machine gun to Classic Mode.

Additional basic experience improvements have also been implemented, including an integrated vault function and sliding function in Arena, along with an added indicator for Grenades. Sub-machine guns now can be accessorized with the same attachments as pistols, and the M16 Rifle can now receive Stock attachments.

PUBG MOBILE LITE is now available to download and play on the Google Play Store in several regions of South Asia, Africa and East Europe. PUBG MOBILE LITE boasts a smaller download size and supports more mobile devices with less RAM without compromising the gameplay experience.

PUBG MOBILE LITE features a smaller map made for 60 players, which means a faster-paced game that keeps the traditional PUBG style of play.

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