Now GIF-up your Stories on Instagram


GIFs now introduced on Instagram

In addition to a plethora of features it has, photo-sharing platform Instagram has now added the ability to add GIFs to its Stories section.

In order to add GIFs to your Instagram Stories, you are simply required to tap on the Sticker option, tap on the GIF option to access thousands of GIFs (such as bouncing letters, twirling hearts, dancing cats and pizza in space among many) via GIPHY, and make your Stories fun and interesting.

Additionally, solving the problem of the image size posted, Instagram will soon allow you to upload pictures of any size (be it square, portrait or landscape) without the need to crop one or resize one. Any space left void will be filled with a custom colour gradient, matching well with the image.

The new GIF feature is available on Instagram version 29 via Google Play Store and App Store.

To recall, Instagram recently added the Active Status feature which allows you to see when a particular was last online. The feature can be disabled from the Settings menu in the app.

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