/Jetpack Joyride – The Indian Version

Jetpack Joyride – The Indian Version

Jetpack Joyride
Starring an Indian Billionaire-Playboy-Genius BarryKanth, the latest version has an India-centric appeal and aesthetics

Bangalore-based Mech Mocha has unveiled the Indian version of Jetpack Joyride, originally created by Australian developer Halfbrick Studios. Known for culturalizing narratives, developing and publishing India-centric games, Mech Mocha is the first publisher in India to do such a deep culturalization of a global hit for Indian market. The game now stars a new avatar of Barry Steakfries – BarryKanth. BarryKanth is the Billionaire-Playboy- Genius who’s got brilliant intellect and the urge to create a range of awesome jetpacks and gadgets to take out his arch enemies.

With the launch, Mech Mocha will introduce popular Indian YouTube influencers like Tanmay Bhat, Biswa Kalyan Rath and Zakir Khan as game characters. These YouTube influencers are featured as the key villains in the game that spans three different worlds. It will replace the currently available international version on Indian app stores, and the team at Mech Mocha expects to achieve 10 million downloads within the first of year of launch.


In addition to Indianized characters including scientists and vehicles, the game features a different backstory and has implemented level-based gameplay, along with the classic endless running mode re-imagined as “Challenges”. These 100+ levels span across three different worlds, with each world having its own villain featuring YouTube influencers with a combined following of over 15 million. Gamers can also enjoy new collectibles and powerups and beat challenges to win real-world prizes.

India exclusive will also feature a wide range of vehicles and jetpacks keeping in mind the popular culture of India. Vehicles like Dr. Dragon, Boogie Woogie & Toofani Ryder have been re-imagined from the originals with an Indian twist. While the fan favorite Machine Gun Jetpack returns, new additions such as the Bar Hopper Jetpack, ISRO Rocket Jetpack, Lassi Power Jetpack & Dhamaka Jetpack are all set to take the players on a Joyride of their lives.

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