/Homegrown music app SuRHeal opens gateway to the long-lost raga therapy

Homegrown music app SuRHeal opens gateway to the long-lost raga therapy


SuRHeal is India’s first music app and platform that propagates raga therapy and promotes Indian classical musicians at the same time. The app is available in both iOS and Android versions. This unique app developed with the sole purpose of educating the masses about the healing nature of Indian Ragas and Indian music, is created under the patronage of Runki Goswami who herself is a renowned Indian classical singer and music composer in regional movies. She has an in-depth insight of the vast positive impact of ragas on human body and mind.

Runki shared her objective of forming SuRHeal and said, “SuRHeal is an attempt to make the long-lost raga therapy accessible to common man and help us all live a happy and healthy life. The pandemic has brought so much stress in the lives of almost every individual and while we cannot do much about the pandemic itself, we can focus on our health and inner healing with the help of this very simple app and raga therapy. Music heals the distressed and it is important that every individual has access to this natural healing process. Additionally, the app is also a platform for all classical talents who remain lost due to the absence of a promoting platform.”

Music impacts our mind and body and is known to be the biggest wellness therapy ever on earth. Music in the Indian subcontinent was born with the advent of the Vedas. Vedic chants had the mathematical precision to synchronize all discords in the human anatomy. Indian classical music is derived from these Vedic chants and has the curative power to work on specific neurons of the human body.

Today we are shrouded with stress, anxiety and a host of mental and physical issues. This app talks about the therapeutic power of some raga’s. Singing or listening to any form of that raga can be very relaxing and aid the healing process.

Additionally, the app has raga rendition videos from upcoming artists who have beautifully sung a bandish projecting the vocal pattern of a particular Raga. The users can keep watching this space for more formats of these ragas, be it a Bhajan, Ghazal or any other semi-classical form depicting the beauty of the raga. Listening to either of the formats is extremely therapeutic.

Features of this app include-

– Significance of some Ragas for Mental and Physical wellbeing

– Doctor Panel recommending Raga/Music therapy

– Option to get customized help

– Videos with vocal rendition of SuRHeal artists of certain listed Ragas in the app. These videos depict patterns of notes used in those Ragas

The inclusion of a Doctor Panel that recommends raga/music therapy provides professional and expert advice to all the users. Also, in case a user wants specific help based on his/her problems the same can be procured through the ‘customized help’ option in the app. The app is a one-stop solution to regaining your calm and positive attitude or enhancing the same, the company said.

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