/HyLyt: A unified information management and collaboration platform

HyLyt: A unified information management and collaboration platform

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Today, the enterprises face myriad of challenges in keeping business-relevant information at different places which is a nightmare to manage, access and be available to make use of. While most businesses have a desire for data-driven insight, but data management is often fragmented and driven by multiple stakeholders. This leaves organizations dealing with a high degree of inaccurate and disparate data and there are a number of challenges to maintaining it. One always sifts through a flood of WhatsApp messages, emails, articles, URLs and social media posts. It’s difficult to manage time and difficult when one wants to share something or retain (save) some of them for quick access later.


A venture of SocioRAC which is building tech products in data management aims to provide relief. Its first and flagship tech product, HyLyt app, gives you unified information management and business collaboration on a single platform. It is a Digital India initiative that helps in effective management by saving the user’s time and allotting their productive hours for handling other tasks on a priority basis.

HyLyt app is a mobile first environment to manage data for personal and business needs. One can save tasks using its ‘instant note taking’ feature. One can save and send messages using HyLyt or any social media app on the device. HyLyt app is available in mobile and desktop versions. The personal version is free and the business version is charged at an affordable cost of Rs 4,000 per user.

HyLyt solves two problems: how to quickly save information from multiple sources and how to index it so that one can quickly pull up exactly what one needs and when one needs.

Downloading the app

Once you download the app available on the Google Play and App Store, one is required to create an account or one can sign in using Facebook and Gmail account by filling in basic information such as your name, phone number and email ID. The user is welcomed with introduction animation video on how to use HyLyt app.

Getting Started

HyLyt is a one-click solution for all the multi-taskers who can save productive hours, which are wasted daily in browsing, gathering, storing and managing relevant information.


Users can copy any content from any source. A popup window (Android) or swipe (iOS) option lets the user save the content in an organized way through this app and avoid the hassle of copying and pasting data manually. This helps you instantly save any information, both text and files from any app/ screen on your mobile. You can save it in different folders and also give multiple tags to the information. Not only save, you can create reminders and calendar events from this too. This makes your information more organized, interconnected and always available at one place – both on laptop and mobile.

Key takeaway

HyLyt makes the user more powerful, productive and profitable. Now, who does not want this!

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