/Grptalk: A large scale audio conferencing app

Grptalk: A large scale audio conferencing app

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Searching for invites, entering meeting codes, delays in connecting calls and zero participant visibility make conference calling an annoying experience for everyone. Targeted to develop a solution that would eliminate all these problems, Grptalk is an audio conferencing app that lets you connect with a group of people from anywhere at any time of the day. The application’s “mobile first” approach works like a regular telephone call, as it enables “instant conferencing” directly from the phone.

Developed by Telebu, a tech B2B company that develops a suite of products and solutions to improve internal and external communication for companies, Grptalk can accommodate 50,000+ people on a call on pre-book basis and instantly connect 10,000+ people on a single call in 30 seconds. Further, it does not require the participants to have the app or the internet to join calls and has 80,000+ total registered customers. Currently, all the top political parties are using Telebu services. By moving from dial-in to dial-out conferencing, enabling large scale audio conferencing over mobile devices and changing how people audio conference across locations, Grptalk has successfully become a disruptor in the conference calling space.

Downloading the app and getting started

The mobile app is currently available on Google Play for free and has over 50k+ downloads. The app size is only 14.16 MB, so it doesn’t impact the functioning of the phone. Once you download the app, you will be required to enter a few details – your name and mobile number. Upon agreeing to the terms & conditions, you will receive an OTP on your mobile number for verification. This makes you ready for your first audio conference call.

How it works

Once you have downloaded Grptalk, you can create groups by adding members from your contacts. It also allows you to select contacts for an immediate call with “quicktalk” or create a schedule for repeated conferences. The calls are transmitted over the PSTN, guaranteeing excellent audio quality and no call drops. It gives you complete control of your calls along with features like adding new members on live calls, mute/unmute select members, ability to download call recordings and mute-dial participants for broadcasts. Additionally, it has the provision for private room discussions, upload excel web lists, centralise billing, download call recording, account manager i.e. enable assistants to host & manage conference calls for you, multiple accounts – assign sub-accounts to all your team heads to run individual con-calls and monitor sub-account activity. Further, the host can get advanced call reports and it provides web access which is a desktop extension of your mobile app screen.

It is a perfect conference calling solution for NGOs, political organisations, SMEs, startups, enterprises and other institutions to conduct meetings, organise discussions, host lectures, send reminders and deliver speeches.


The app is a perfect solution for the conference call needs of the teams – securely, quickly and economically. The Grptalk team with a right mix of creativity and guile works on reverse engineering the idea of traditional conference calling.

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