Empzilla: A unique collaborative app for job seekers and recruiters


There’s good news on the job front. Hiring and job hunting just got a lot easier with a new App that gets recruiter and job seekers in touch,one-on-one, speedily and effortlessly. It’s a win-win for both.

No more hassles about applying in ten different places and not knowing whether you fit the bill in any of them; whether you will be shortlisted and when, if at all, you will be called for the interview. Selection of course, is in, well, God’s hands, as they say!

With the new app Empzilla it’s all in your hands, it seems. Empzilla gives the candidates the opportunity to choose the specific recruiter having vacancy and to initiate a chat. Giving the candidate the control to highlight one-self is a big advantage.

For recruiters, too, it is means a lot less hassle. No plying through endless numbers of applications, shortlisting, sending replies, fixing interviews and finally selecting.

Besides, in normal hiring procedures, often when the recruiter telephones the candidate, he or she may not be available or might just miss the call. But on an Empzillachat, contactablity is assured. The candidate responds at ease; it also saves call cost. The hiring agency and the candidate can complete the recruitment process over a couple of button clicks on the chats. What is more, there is no issue of data misuse that can happen with normal hiring mechanism.

The new App is a one-stop- shop for companies and job aspirants. It takes a lot of burden off the Human Resource Department’s head and streamlines the recruitment process. For the candidate it’s even better. They can get in touch directly with the hiring agency and talk to them one on one; highlight their USP and their suitability for the job and get the recruiter’s response straight off. Sounds too good to be true? Well, almost.

Recruitment platforms charge a tidy sum for having a candidate highlighted to a recruiter in the search. But the mechanism is neither in the control of the candidate nor the company looking for a recruit.

With Empzilla App all you have to pay is a small fee.A premium membership of the App costs Rs. 999 and comes with 10 credit points. One credit is used to chat with 1 recruiter. Freshers and the less experienced also get free professional resume and training session for basics of interview. What more could one want!

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