/Clink – A feedback sharing app for teams

Clink – A feedback sharing app for teams


Addressing a visible need-gap in digital collaboration, Dockabl – one of the leading HR tech startups based out of India – announced the launch of ‘Clink’, a feedback sharing mobile application. Clink helps in the continuous performance and development of teams by sharing, organizing and analyzing feedback in real-time. It is specifically designed for teams working remotely.

In October 2019, during a product design war room, the Dockabl team reached a pivotal conclusion to build a feedback sharing app. It had three big reasons for this decision. Firstly, almost all HR tech start-ups were building OKR (Objectives and Key Results). Yet, no one could crack continuous performance. Secondly, feedback from clients was to make the process simple and more integrated. Lastly, there is a need to build a culture of feedback sharing. Platforms need to be able to support these workflows. The company then decided to take things head-on and solve the problem, enabling feedback sharing to encourage continuous performance.

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Clink has been built keeping in mind three key themes: Feedback sharing for project teams; Integrations and Plugins with work tools; and Actionable Insights for skills and values.

What does it do you ask?

Its ‘Cheer’ & “Boost’ framework streamlines constructive feedback and recognition. It is super easy, fun and nifty. And, no training needed.

“Not another app” you say?

Users love the fact that it has plugins with platforms like Gmail and Slack. You don’t have to leave your workspace every time you want to share or save feedback. The app comes to the rescue when you need it for your 1:1 conversations and appraisals. Better conversations lead to high levels of engagement. And as for that awkward act of asking for feedback? Its integrations with tools like Google Calendar and Jira automates this for you.

What’s in it for the employees?

It will use NLP and AI to give out accurate and actionable insights. You can now act on feedback with precision and conviction. It even gives each user, projects and organization a work-life score. This score helps determine the health of performance. Clink launched its Teams++ version in July 2020. Currently, the app is available free of cost. A definite must try for teams exploring better and more efficient ways of working.

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