/AiiSocial: The social platform that turns your data into rewards

AiiSocial: The social platform that turns your data into rewards

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In a world where data is king and social media platforms consume a large chunk of our time, is Aii.Social, a futuristic social network app. Interestingly, the app is India’s first KYC platform in the social space and also the first platform that uses the ‘my data my asset’ concept that allows users to monetize their data. Additionally, the app also helps businesses to target the most relevant consumers and offer hyperlocal ads. The revolutionary app also allows users to control their privacy online, thereby safeguarding their data.

A venture of Aiisma, which is the world’s first consumer to business data marketplace, AiiSocial is a hybrid platform that also eliminates the persistent issues of fake profiles, bots and anonymous bullying in the audience that most social media platforms face. The app paves the way for authentic digital socializing and users merely need to complete their KYC registration to redeem their awards. Let us take a look at the user experience and features the app offers.

Downloading the app

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Once you download the app available on the Google Play and App Store, you will be required to create an account by filling in basic information such as your name and email ID. Once you create a password and verify the same, you will be allowed to sign up. The app then proceeds to show the ‘Terms of Service’ with brief descriptions of various aspects including data ownership, privacy, rules of conduct, denial of service, right to content, and linked sites and third-party organizations. The app then loads the home page that offers a plethora of suggestions for fellow users you can choose to follow.

Getting started

With an interface similar to other social media networks such as Instagram, the app chooses a handle for you automatically which you can change using the profile section. AiiSocial displays other accounts you follow, and even offers suggestions based on your preferences. On the home page, the app shows options where you can invite friends to join the AiiSocial community and earn rewards for doing so. The platform also provides a section where you can voluntarily share data that will be used to deliver better advertisements & social engagements and earn rewards doing so. You can use the redeem rewards option to redeem the native rewards points. Accumulated rewards are converted into Amazon coupons at this time.


Aii.Social is all about bringing the ‘my data, my asset’ concept to life. With a 4.3-star rating on the Google Play store, the Aii.Social app’s size is around 40 MB. Overall, the app is easy to navigate as the interface is user-friendly. We recommend you download the app yourself to monetize your valuable data, form your opinions about the app, and perhaps even invite friends!

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