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bose SoundSport

Gives Freedom of Manoeuvring In Your Workouts

BOSE is one such company which takes full care of your auditory senses and aims at delivering soothing yet amazing sound effects to your ears with its products, like it did with BOSE QC 35 II. The company keeps it focus on improving the sound quality of its gadgets and also delivering products which are compatible with your daily life styles. BOSE has launched its first pair of wireless ear buds in India which are called SoundSport Free which comes in a compact charging case. So, in this review we will see what this new wireless ear bud holds for the users which will drive their attention towards it.


boseSoundSport designThe BOSE SoundSport Free ear buds are very attracting to look at and the built of the ear bud is very good and feels sturdy. For the construction of the ear buds the company has used glossy plastic along with a bit of rubber lining for the buttons. The weight of the ear buds are light and exert no stress on your ears making them easy to wear for a longer time span. The placement of all the buttons are on the right ear bud. It has buttons for media playback and voice prompts. To charge the ear buds there is contact pin on bottom of each ear bud when they are placed in their case. The left ear bud has a single Bluetooth button which is used to wake the pair out of sleep, disconnect an active connection, or enter pairing mode. Both the ear buds have single LEDs, which glow blue during the pairing process, white when they are connected and red when the batteries are low.

The ear buds fits perfectly in the ear and they remain intact to your ears even when moving and it is done by the ear tips which sits just outside the ear canal. The ear tips line up with the inner ridges of your ears and provides you to have the right size on. There are two additional pairs of tips in different size available in the box to allow you to use any according to your preference.


bose SoundSport

The new BOSE SoundSport Free has an IPX4 rating for water resistance which means the ear buds can resist water splashes to some extent. The water resistance ability of the ear buds makes them preferable if you are going for gym and sweating out with the music on. The range of Bluetooth can expand up to 9m from the connected device, and the AAC audio streaming codec is supported in addition to the standard SBC. There is no NFC option in the ear buds so the only option you have for connectivity is Bluetooth.The SoundSport lacks some features like the ability to auto pause the media which is being played on when you take out the ear buds out from the ears.


The battery life of the ear buds can prolong upto five hours per charge. The case can be charged throughits Micro USB port and the battery level can be checked by using a row of LED’s on the front. The case size is compact and can be easily carried out in the hands while the ear buds are being used.  The ear buds fits into the case with the help of magnets and two white LEDs which indicates whether the buds are getting charged or not.


Bose is well aware about the possibility of the earbuds going missing on random occasions because of their size and to overcome this probability the company has embedded a feature called Find My Buds which needs to be enabled within the app. This feature remembers the last known location of the ear buds and there is alarm which starts when this feature is enabled. The company has also designed the new SoundSport Free to work even when there is no active connection with your device as long as they are within Bluetooth range. The ear buds are well versed with notifying you at every important occasion like when the ear buds are in their charging case.

The new SoundSport Free also has Google Assistant built or Siri which can be activated by a long press of the Play or Pause button.

The SoundSport Free is not supporting the active noise cancellation which is quite disappointing to see. The Ambient noise is not severely blocked but it has its own advantage making you aware of the surroundings while walking or even when any vehicle is approaching.

The ear buds can be set to go into sleep mode after particular interval, which further helps to conserve the battery life. Putting the ear buds in the case allows them to automatically charge and this is possible only when the case is charged. To get fully charged from zero to full it takes time estimate of 2 hours. The ear buds provides warning as well when the charge goes below 20 percent.

SoundSport Free Wireless Headphone


BOSE SounSport Free are for those who loves adventure and fitness freaks as it offers wireless manoeuvring with ease and can withstand sweat also, which is common while be on the go. The charging case provides an ease of carrying as well. There are limitations also such as taking a call in noisy background. I continuously tested it while traveling in Delhi Metro and trust me every time I get scared of the hustling bustling crowd as it may easily fall anywhere because of a little push as it’s available at Rs 18,990. And like always, BOSE SoundSport Free sound output is as clearer, crisp and good as any BOSE’s headphones. I will give it 9 out of 10 for its functionalities and ease of use.

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