Samsung Level In ANC Earphone

Samsung ANC Earphone

Enjoy immersive music experience on-the-go

Samsung recently introduced Level In ANC earphone in India, which features powerful Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). The stylish and compact earphone comes with metal finish and provides an immersive music experience for consumers. With its powerful ANC technology and two-way speakers, the Level In ANC provides immersive music experience. Rather than just drowning out ambient sounds around you, the Level In ANC actually picks up those external noises with two external microphones, analyzes them, and creates inverted sound waves to cancel out those noises, reducing the noise going into your ears. The active noise cancellation of Level In ANC is up to 90 per cent effective, reducing outside sounds by up to 20 dB.

The Level In ANC comes with ‘Talk in Mode’ functionality, enabling consumers to be cautious about the surrounding sounds. The ‘Talk in Mode’ allows certain ambient sounds to enter into the earphones without diluting the sound quality. It offers to be the ultimate choice for consumers, who regularly travel through noisy surroundings like airports, metro or other public spaces. With this, consumers will no longer have to stop listening to music, while jogging amid traffic or while riding in a metro.

The Level In ANC’s sleek and sophisticated design comes paired with a slim remote control that lets you answer calls, adjust the volume, and pause/play and skips audio tracks easily, without having to constantly reach for your smartphone. It provides for a minimum of 10 hour stellar performance with active ANC. It resonates brilliantly with the audio requirements and style quotient of millennials, crafting an uninterrupted audio experience. It is available in retail stores across India in white and black colours.

Price: INR 3,799

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