/CES 2019: beyerdynamic introduces its top-notch audio products

CES 2019: beyerdynamic introduces its top-notch audio products

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Beyerdynamic presents the latest highlights in Las Vegas at CES and at ShowStoppers. The beyerdynamic booth will emphasize products featuring Mosayc sound personalization by Mimi Defined, most prominently the innovative Lagoon Anc with its combination of customised sound and active noise cancelling in an over-ear design.

The BYRDLAND family covers more compact designs, namely Beat Byrd, Soul Byrd, Blue Byrd and Blue Byrd ANC. beyerdynamic also shows the combo of new gaming headphones TYGR 300 R with USB microphone FOX for streaming purposes. For telephone and video conferencing with sophisticated sound and outstanding flexibility, the manufacturer presents wireless Bluetooth speakerphone Phonum.

OSAYC sound personalization

With MOSAYC sound personalization by Mimi Defined, beyerdynamic holds a unique, innovative technology that tailors a set of headphones to the listener’s individual needs by assessing their hearing and adapting to the results. The LAGOON ANC combines Bluetooth connectivity, sound personalization and active noise cancelling to provide exceptional listening pleasure. The Xelento wireless ports the excellent sound of beyerdynamic high-end headphones into a compact, wireless form. Aventho wireless and Amiron wireless amaze listeners with their audiophile qualities and personalized sound.

BYRDLAND: in-ears for every occasion

The BYRD family of products encompasses a number of beyerdynamic in-ear designs from affordable entry-level headphones to a versatile neckband model. The Beat BYRD with its stylish orange cable and the Soul BYRD with three-button remote and sophisticated aluminium panels feature the series’ distinguished ultra flat design. With wireless Bluetooth transmission and MOSAYC sound personalization by Mimi Defined, the Blue BYRD and its active noise cancelling bigger brother Blue BYRD ANC mark the technical and acoustic peak of the in-ear product line.


When it comes to gaming headsets, the beyerdynamic MMX 300 is considered a legend, raising expectations for the new gaming headphones TYGR 300 R. At CES, beyerdynamic showcases this set of headphones in conjunction with professional USB microphone FOX as TEAM TYGR, the perfect setup for streaming and commenting on video games.


With PHONUM, beyerdynamic offers an exceptional solution for telephone conferences in huddle rooms and both spontaneous and planned meetings. The 360° GECKO Downfire Sound System consists of a high-quality microphone array that can automatically follow people or stay fixed on one person, and a downfire speaker system that distributes the audio equally into the room. It is easy to connect through Bluetooth, boasts a long battery runtime and still retains a compact size, making PHONUM the ideal solution for spontaneous telephone and video conferencing, home office applications or business travels.

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