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Looks: A pleasant surprise!

The Rage Pride surprised us with its simple yet attractive looks. Packed in a white plastic chassis with a silver metal strip running along the front panel edge, the handset has a sleek, bar-shaped body and features a large enough screen which is complemented by a smooth alphanumeric keypad.

There are individual keys for both SIMs which come painted in white to match the body. The metallic silver strip around the D-pad enhances the device’s appearance and the keyboard below slims down the overall thickness. It is indeed a smart looking offering in this price range.

Hardware: Good enough

This white beauty comes with a 2.4 inch TFT display screen, which one can find in most of the recently launched models of the Rage. The device comes with the 2.0-megapixel camera with flash and a digital zoom option as well. The camera is given at the back along with loud speakers, and the back of the phone looks clean with a smooth, plane panel. There also is a short cut key to the camera. Connectivity options include GPRS (no 3G) and Bluetooth, although the phone takes time to spot other Bluetooth devices and takes time to transfer information. A 1050 mAh Li-ion battery gives a good backup.

Software: Browsing delight

Rage Pride is not a smartphone and so is lim¬ited in the software department but it offers a verysmooth Internet browsing experience. The large and bright screen is a major reason for this. One can also tweak the phone’s fonts.

Multimedia: Serves music lovers

Good music is the cornerstone of most Rage devices and the Pride does not disappoint in this regard. The FM reception is fairly good and works well in low reception zones – it worked without interruption even in the Delhi Metro, while a branded smartphone’s reception got distorted. Music quality on loudspeaker was loud and clear but was a little distorted on the bundled headsets. We also were disappointed by the camera, both in stills and in videos. The phone comes with Rage Treasure Box, but it offers nothing exceptional, apart from the facility to block numbers and enter a security pin. Gaming enthusiasts will be disappointed

User Experience: Not bad, could have been better

Looks aside, the Rage Pride has nothing special to offer. In terms of entertainment, while the audio support in the music category can be considered a USP, the video support will leave you craving for something better. Strangely, the camera flash light stays on even after an image is clicked. The battery gives a decent back up. However, the phone we reviewed heated up early unlike other models of Rage. It has a support for 8 GB storage with microSD card but functions relatively slow when loaded with data. One can store up to 500 entries in the phonebook and can divide them into groups.

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  • Smooth Internet browsing
  •  Elegant looks

  •  Poor camera quality
  •  Less value for money
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