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MIcromax 3G pocket Wireless router

By On May 30,2012 04:36 pm Email

MIcromax 3G pocket Wireless router
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If you always wish to have high speed internet access on the go, then this pocket router is for you. Launched by Micromax, this router is capable of providing you internet access at 3G speeds.
It also has the capability to convert your GPRS connection into a WiFi Hotspot and connect multiple devices to it. The bar-shaped router is curved from both ends and is very lightweight, making is easy to carry.


To activate the router, all you need to do is insert a SIM card and a microSD card in it and then connect the device to the laptop with a USB. Once the device is connected, the installation process starts.
It has a browser based management system and you have to open the browser and enter the address mentioned in the direction booklet and follow the instructions.
To ensure that you are aware of the status of connection, four LED indicators have been placed on the front panel of the device, which indicate signal, network, power connect and WiFi status.
The device works on Windows 7, XP, Vista, Mac or a standard USB interface. The internet worked pretty well when we tried it. The only issue was that while connecting it initially, it took a little extra time.
The maximum download speed is 7.2 Mbps but it could vary on several factors. The router uses a Li-on 500 mAh battery, which could last up to four hours on continuous usage and has a standby time of 20 hours.
The 3G pocket wireless router is priced at Rs 4,999.

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