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HTC Desire X Review

By On Nov 26,2012 11:31 am Email

HTC Desire X Review
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These days when most Android phones look the same, HTC is probably the only manufacturer who is thinking out of the box and giving the consumers new drool worthy contours and designs. The Desire X illustrates this.

Looks: Very modern


The Desire X is a perfect example of excellent design and good build. The phone has a large 4.0-inch display, which has a 480 x 800 pixel resolution – pretty much par for the course, we think. The screen glass runs from edge to edge and is prone to smudges. Right under the screen HTC has placed three feather touch buttons for Back, Home and Options. The rear has a smart white panel and the sides have a nice silver trim as well. Together they give the phone a really youthful appearance. The top of the phone has the audio port along with the power button. The volume rocker is present on the left side of the phone and the power/ USB port is on the other side. The rear has a 5.0-megapixel camera with an LED flash and Beats Audio loudspeaker. Astonishingly, this phone has no front camera, but still, all said and done, the Desire X is a looker.

Hardware: Better indeed


Beneath that youthful exterior is lodged a good amount of hardware firepower. The Desire X has a fast dual core 1 GHz processor and comes with a 1,650 mAh Li-ion battery. However on board storage is pretty low by modern standards – users get 4 GB on-board storage out of which about 1.5 GB is available for storing user and application data. A microSD card slot is located underneath the rear panel, where one can insert a memory card of up to 32 GB, but of course, one would need to shell a little extra for that. Users can insert a normal SIM card in this phone, which is a good thing – no SIM-cutting needed. The phone also has an internal GPS antenna that enables the phone to be used as a navigation device. To further speed apps, the phone also has 768 MB RAM and an Adreno 203 GPU to handle graphics.

Software: Loaded with ICS


For the Desire X, HTC has gone with the IceCream Sandwich (4.0) version of Android. While this is not the latest (that distinction goes to Jelly Bean), there is still lots of life and utility left in ICS, and well, it is familiar territory for most. Unlike some other manufacturers in the segment, HTC packs a lot of pre-installed applications into its devcies. So as soon as you turn on the device, you need not head over to the Play store to download apps- the phone already comes with games and utility apps that the users can explore first. Some good pre-installed apps include Polaris Office that takes care of your text files and spreadsheets; the Rescue app enables users to get remote technical help for the phone; and Flashlight sparks the rear LED flash at a press of a button, allowing you to use the phone as a torch. The HTC Sense user interface is as usual great to work with and has five customisable home screen panels. With the pre installed Hot Spot app, users can transform the HTC Desire X into a Wi-Fi hotspot as well, letting other devices share its Internet connectivity.

Multimedia: Good sight, great sound


Though you cannot play HD video on it, the display quality of the Desire X is definitely very good. The colours are crisp and so is the sound (Beats Audio does wonders to the device). The loudspeaker delivers sound at a reasonably high volume, and sound quality on the headphones is really nice too. We tested some of favourite games on this device and it passed the test with flying colours, with the sound making a whole world of difference to the entire experience. Over that, the phone comes with some good games, as well as audio and video apps like SoundHound, TuneIn radio, and Teeter a popular labyrinth game. The phone even has a voice recorder which can easily be used to record important offline conversations. The phone has a 5.0-megapixel camera that can take decent shots both outdoorsm and indoors (with flash). Video recording is not bad either.

User Experience: Lively, lovely


The screen of the Desire X responds well to the touch. The keyboard is fairly big in portrait mode and nine out of ten times will type the right letter. We tested the phone out with Quadrant and it gave us a decent score of 2,517. We suspect It could have been slightly better if the on-board memory was more. Navigation works well and one can easily find their way around the city. The voice search feature works well too.

Review Overview




  • Very modern design
  • Good battery life
  • Good sound quality

  • No front camera
  • Less on board storage
  • Android Jelly Bean would have been nice

The phone’s battery easily lasted for a day and half under normal use, which is exceptional for a device with this large a screen. All in all, Desire X has the right mixture of looks, multimedia features, sound and camera power - and all at the right price too. A good buy if you are looking for a sub-Rs 20,000 Android phone. Those looking for alternatives in this price segment can consider the Sony Xperia Sola at Rs 18,200, Samsung’s S Duos at Rs 16,800 and HTC’s own One V available at Rs 17,050.

  • Looks
  • Features
  • Ease of use
  • Performance
  • Value for Money
  • 8/10
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Overall Rating
Ease of use
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